Mhoni Vidente predicts that Bad Bunny will have a new romance with Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny at the premiere of “Bullet Train” in Los Angeles

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Although the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny recently gave a lot to talk about for having kissed a fan during a party, it is not the first time that the sexuality of the famous has been questioned or has generated comments among Internet users, because let’s remember that in her video Yonaguni kissed another man.

That is why the seer Mhoni’s prediction about the famous surprised social networks, since she assured that Bad Bunny would not only have a relationship with another man, but that heartthrob is nothing less and nothing more than Brad Pitt, with whom he acted in the film ‘El Tren Bala’.

Let us remember that in said film, the singer’s role was short, but he had a long scene with Brad Pitt, with whom he was seen very closely at one of the film’s premiere ceremonies. The moment was broadcast through a video in which Brad Pitt can be seen talking very closely with Bad Bunny, who apparently looks nervous.

However, that is not all, because during a recent interview, the singer and now actor mentioned that it had been very pleasant to live with Brad and that he had been very patient with him and taught him many things, in order to be able to interpret his character well in the headband.

It should be noted that in the prediction, the seer Mhoni also assured that Bad Bunny would have reached an intimate agreement with Brad Pitt to appear in the film, leaving between seeing that the Bad Rabbit could also participate in Brad Pitt’s next films, since he and Sandrfa Bullock became associate producers for some upcoming films.

“You already know that Bad Bunny is bisexual, he likes men and women… as he gives, he receives. He is Pisces, completely love in every way and it doesn’t affect him whether he is male or female. Well, Bad Bunny is receiving from Brad Pitt right now, who would like, what envy, “said the seer.

Although that was not all, because the famous seer also assured that Brad Pitt would have already had relationships with other men, but secretly, because he assures that he is not as open as Bad Bunny, who recently revealed that he has never cared about the clothing categories, but you like how it looks.

“I am taking advantage of this moment in my life in which I can do what I want and wear what I want, to be able to live more authentically,” Bad Bunny commented after posing for a magazine, wearing a wedding dress, breaking the stereotypes of Fashion.

However, it should be noted that this is not the first time that Mhoni has made some prediction about Bad Bunny, although the previous ones have not been fulfilled. In the past, the seer assured that the reggaeton singer was going to dedicate himself to politics and was going to run for governor, something that did not happen.

He also mentioned that the famous man was an Illuminati, and even spoke about the paternity of the famous man, to mention some of the predictions that Mhoni Vidente has made in relation to the Puerto Rican singer.

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Mhoni Vidente predicts that Bad Bunny will have a new romance with Brad Pitt!

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