Michael Bublé revealed the curious request that Luisana Lopilato makes of him in privacy

Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé have been married for eleven years

Yes ok Michael Buble Y louisana lopilato they are careful about their privacy, sometimes they make exceptions and tell some details of their daily life. This was the case in a recent interview that the singer gave to the British newspaper The Sunwhere he was surprised to reveal the curious request that the actress makes to him every day before going to sleep.

“It is always the same. My wife turns her tail to me and says, ‘Mike, massage me there”, he confessed. And he explained the reason alleged by the former Rebel waywhich does not have an erotic intention. “She says that this is how she gets rid of cellulite. I’m like… ‘You don’t have cellulite!‘“. In any case, Bublé does not hesitate to fulfill his wish: “So every night I sit down to watch television and I massage her to make her fall asleep”.

Meanwhile, in that same note the interpreter of “Haven´t met you yet” He admitted that he is not exactly the one who carries the directives in his home, adding that he can only see what he wants on television until a certain time. “I can only watch NFL Fantasy Football until 4 pm,” he commented. And he closed with an unexpected confession, as a joke: “I love my wife very much, but I am also afraid of her. I’m so terrified that actually Last Sunday I saw a movie with her Jennifer Lopez call Marry me and it made me want to punch myself in the face.”

One of the photos with which the couple announced the arrival of their fourth child (@luisanalopilato)
One of the photos with which the couple announced the arrival of their fourth child (@luisanalopilato)

The couple is very active on social networks, where they have millions of followers. There they usually post several photos and promote their projects, but they also have space for fun. By the way, days ago underwent an “intuition test”in which both of them were supposed to keep their eyes closed and she had to guess the gestures her husband was making.

But the truth is that the actress could not contain herself and decided to cheat: she never respected the condition of closing her eyes. So, after seeing the video to which she added the phrase “She didn’t understand the slogan”, Mike posted on her account of Instagram sending her forward with her followers. “My trust has been broken forever”he expressed, by way of “reproach”, but with a humorous tone.

In mid-April, the Canadian accompanied Luisana on her reunion with the rest of the cast Married with children. There, they announced the theatrical version of the sitcom and Bublé was in charge of portraying the moment in which the actors began to work on what will be the work that will debut at the beginning of next year. After the restrictions due to the coronavirus and once the protagonists were able to coordinate their agendas, it is already a fact that next summer it will be on Corrientes street. However, it will be without the character of Maria Elena who interpreted Erica Rivaswho would have disagreed with some points in the script.

On the other hand, in a recent interview with teleshow, Bublé had referred to the concert he will give in Argentina in October. “The one here is not just another show, it is my country, I know I’m a gringo, I know I’m from Canada, but my babies are Argentine, my family is Argentine and it’s my country, I’m proud and I toast, I toast to the national team and I toast to my people and my wife is a proud Canadian too . So when I do this show, it’s going to be the same for me as when I do it in Vancouver, Canada, I come home,” he had said.


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Michael Bublé revealed the curious request that Luisana Lopilato makes of him in privacy

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