Miguel Urdangarin turns 20 in the middle of the war: why the middle son of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki has the most difficult role in his parents’ war

It’s not going to be a happy birthday
Miguel Urdangarin (one of the favorite grandsons of the
Queen Sofia). The middle son of
infant Christina and Iñaki Urdangarín turns 20 in full
family cold war which is accompanied by a perfect media storm. Unfortunately for Juan Valentín, Pablo Nicolás, Miguel and Irene, the vigilance of the media allows them to contemplate painful situations that affect, precisely, their children. In Pablo’s last game, star of the Barcelona handball team,
Urdangarin he imposed his presence (the infanta Cristina had asked not to coincide) and forced his children to make sides. While Cristina attended the party of her son, her influencer, sitting next to Irene, her youngest daughter, Iñaki stayed next to Miguel, with whom he had spent a few days in Vitoria. Than
most uncomfortable fate for these young people, unnecessary witnesses of a battle that goes on for a long time.

In it
cast of roles between the children of the infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, Miguel has come out well. Juan Valentín, the oldest, is the great
unknown: nobody knows what exactly is of his life nor does he appear in the family photos that we can see in the gossip press. He has agreed to appear in the famous photo with his grandfather in Abu Dhabi, much to everyone’s surprise. The young man experienced the scandal of the Nóos case and the subsequent imprisonment of his father more harshly than his brothers.
Very religious Like his paternal family, he spent a year in Cambodia as a volunteer for the NGO run by the Jesuit Enrique Figaredo. He then went to Essex, in the UK, to study International Relations. On his return, he was seen with the Infanta Elena, her cousins ​​Froilán and Victoria Federica and Queen Sofía, but for months, nothing. Paul is the
media star family, that’s for sure. And Miguel, the middle one, swims between two waters. Although, at the moment, it seems that he opts for the formality.

Miguel lives in London, where
study marine sciences: He is passionate about the oceans and marine biology. He has always been portrayed as a responsible student and left a very good impression during his time at the French Lyceum in Barcelona (when the family still lived in Spain) and at Ecolint, the exclusive school in Geneva where he finished his compulsory studies. To make an easy comparison, we would say that he is the complete opposite of his cousin
Froilan All Saints, on the other hand favorite cousin with whom he shared many
games in his childhood. In fact, both have a reputation for being pranksters and having a great sense of humor. Only that Froilán channels it at night and leisure and Miguel prefers to apply himself to studies. Smart boy.

It’s not easy to keep track of
physical change that it has given in recent years, because it is not seen as much as we would like. In fact, in his last visits to Spain and in the
famous abu dhabi photo With his grandfather we can already see a very tall young man, like his parents, with a great physical resemblance to his mother, the Infanta Cristina, and therefore to his grandfather. He is
the most Bourbon of the children of Iñaki Urdangarín. We know little about his private life, beyond the fact that he likes sports, like the whole family, especially those that have to do with the sea, such as surfing, and also tennis.

What does Miguel Urdangarin do for a living?

Miguel Urdangarín studied for several years
piano, with which we can assume that music is another of his great hobbies. Beyond these notes of character, he probably opted for a public presence as discreet as that of his brother, Pablo, on his return to Spain. And that, because of his plant and his friendliness, could be
a new Jacques Cousteau in the Spanish media landscape and devote himself, for example, to the recovery of the damaged Mar Menor. Surely it is a cause that interests you.

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Miguel Urdangarin turns 20 in the middle of the war: why the middle son of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki has the most difficult role in his parents’ war

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