Mr. Black informs that his son died: “Your heart will not continue beating and mine would like to do the same”

Mr Black. Photo: Instagram @mrblackelpresidente

On the morning of this Saturday, April 30, the singer of champeta mr black announced the death of his son Edwin Antequera.

With a photo of the two and a moving message, the singer said goodbye to his son through his Instagram account.

“My dear son, my little piece of soul, your life has gone out, your heart will not continue beating and mine would like to do the same”Mr. Black wrote in the message.

“There is no way to overcome this loss. With you a part of me died, but the rest continues to love you with the same intensity as always”, added the champeta singer.

The champeta singer made it very clear that the love he feels for his son will remain intact.

You will forever live in my heart and in my memories. My beloved son, death separates us, but love will keep us together until we meet again. I love you”, he finished.

The cause of the young man’s death is unknown at this time. However, the local media outlet El Universal assured that It would be a cardiac arrest.

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For his part, the king of champeta in Colombia He did not provide further details about his son’s death.. For now it is unknown if the young Edwin Antequera junior had any heart condition.

It should be remembered that Edwin Antequera junior was not the only son of Mr. Black, the champeta singer had six children with two partners, including his current wife Yuranis León.

Apart from the young man who died and bore the same name, the children of the champeta singer are: Eduyeliz, Sherina, Sharith, Kayned, and Korhaliz Sayonara.

In addition, it is noteworthy that his current partner also had a daughter before he met him, Yhirle León, who made it very clear a few months ago that he sees Mr. Black as a father.

Solidarity messages on social media

Through social networks and from the moving message that Mr. Black published on his Instagram account, well-known Colombian personalities sent a message of solidarity to the singer.

“I am very sorry and I accompany you in your pain”, wrote the well-known humorist known as ‘Suso el paspi’. On the other hand, Kevin Flórez, who is also an exponent of the champeta in Colombia, commented: “Brother, what is this brother. Force I can’t believe this.”

Jerau, Colombian singer and songwriter, wrote: “A lot of strength brother for you and your family in this hard moment in life! We join in prayer for you and that Great Angel in heaven! A hug”.

“I cry with you boss with all my heart”, “I am very sorry. God fill you with great strength”, “May the Lord give you strength, Edwin and La Paz, so you can keep going, dad, a hug” and “Friend, I am very sorry. I accompany you and your family from my heart. God have him in his glory ”, are other comments that people close to the singer left in the publication.


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Mr. Black informs that his son died: “Your heart will not continue beating and mine would like to do the same”

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