Much of the public wants Niurka Marcos out of La Casa de los Famosos: her attitude is sabotaging the show

It seems that it is the first time that a participant of The House of the Famous directly sabotages a test of “La Jefa” in the famous Telemundo reality show. Handcuffed in groups of three they had to spend 36 hours to earn the total budget for the purchase of food: Niurka said no and this allowed Lewis like her to decide to rise up. They sabotaged the test! The dynamic did not take place just because two people decided not to play. The result: the test was not passed and now everyone must adjust to having fifty percent of the budget.

Niurka does not regret her decision, Lewis less. She was seconded by: Nacho Casano, Natalia Alcocer and Juan Vidal. The team in the blue room lost their way, and for many this is because they have become intoxicated with power. Now the public has begun to empathize with Laura Bozzo’s team.

By definition the word sabotage according to the Royal Spanish Academy means: “To carry out acts of sabotage against a service, an installation, a process, etc.” While about sabotage he says: “Intentional and malicious hindrance of an activity, idea, project”. Also added to the meaning: “Damage or destruction that is done intentionally in a service, facility, process, etc., as a form of struggle or protest against the body that directs them or as a method to benefit a person or group that is contrary to said body. ”.

Under both meanings, both Niurka and Lewis sabotaged the test without thinking of the common good. At first, seeing the action of the Cuban and the Dominican Laura Bozzo chose to follow his actions. But the rest of the group urged her to act differently and she did, she wanted to collaborate. But again, Niurka’s intransigence was stronger than the desire of the majority.

Niurka Marcos is being a victim of herself and this has led her to generate real antipathy in the public. She managed to win over the fans at first, just as she captivated the inhabitants of the blue room. She was right for many, but her obsession to control everything and everyone is exploding in her face and now a large part of the public wants her out of the House of the Famous. “Niurka out” they write on Instagram, on Twitter and Twitch where you can see the reality show 24/7.

Another great detail that the public does not want to forgive is how he is treating the famous actress Ivonne Montero, who nominated her for the bullying she is receiving from the Cuban. Some inside and outside the house want to point out Ivonne as a traitor, when she is not the only thing she is doing, according to her fans, is giving herself respect and not supporting the silent violence that is being carried out against her.

The icing on the cake has been that despite the fact that Toni Costa has wanted to explain himself with respect, Niurka has not allowed him to speak and does not allow him to be who he is within what she called “the family”. It seems that you are from her family if you do, say, act and think like her. Juan Vidal is already getting out of control, and it seems that she is willing to sacrifice him.

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Much of the public wants Niurka Marcos out of La Casa de los Famosos: her attitude is sabotaging the show

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