Myrka Dellanos Nodal rudeness: reveals what the singer told her

  • Myrka Dellanos tells what she experienced at the Latin AMAs awards
  • The driver lived an embarrassing moment with Christian Nodal
  • “What do I do, what do I say?

Myrka Dellanos rudeness Christian Nodal. At the Latin America Music Awards (LATIN AMAs) there was much to talk about, from the clothes worn by the beautiful Puerto Rican host, Adamari López, who was the victim of criticism. Even Eduin Caz’s error when he confused the award ceremony on stage.

The ceremony was attended by the radio and television presenter, journalist, author and member of American high society, Myrka Dellanos. Who dazzled in an elegant blue evening dress, the driver was interviewing celebrities during the red carpet.

Myrka Dellanos suffers rudeness from Christian Nodal


It was in the Program from “La Mesa Caliente”, where the journalist told what the Mexican singer, Christian Nodal, told him while interviewing him. According to his words, he was the victim of a rudeness on the part of actress Belinda’s ex-fiancé.

It should be remembered that the grupera music singer announced a few months ago that he would no longer continue his relationship with Belinda, so both celebrities chose to lead their lives separately. Now the Mexican did something that was to the displeasure of both the drivers of La Mesa Caliente and his fans.

Myrka Dellanos rudeness Christian Nodal: She was surprised

Myrka Dellanos rudeness Christian Nodal: She was surprised

According to the magazine People in spanish, Myrka Dellanos felt the desire to listen to one of the most romantic voices today. However, she mentions that Nodal snubbed her in the middle of the Latin AMAs interview, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was during her show, where the journalist recounts the rudeness she experienced from Christian Nodal, Myrka affirms that the gesture made by the native of Sonora, Mexico left her surprised. Furthermore, she claims that she didn’t know what to say to her when she responded in such a way. Filed Under: Myrka Dellanos snub Christian Nodal

“Sing in my ear”

"sing in my ear"

Her companions asked her how it went at the Las Vegas ceremony, to which Dellanos revealed what Nodal told her in her interview: “I tell her: ‘well, sing to me a little’ and I also say ‘sing in my ear’”. She said it between laughs, while her companions anxiously awaited the singer’s response.

Then he left everyone shocked when he revealed that: “And he tells me: ‘well, another time’. I was like ‘what do I do, what do I say?’” Myrka said, clarifying that she had been practically in shock. Then jokingly, her partner Giselle Blondet added: “There was a silence.” Filed Under: Myrka Dellanos snub Christian Nodal. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

“You are under no obligation to do so”

" You are under no obligation to do so"

Immediately, the users were present to defend their idol, Christian Nodal, in most of the messages they assure that Myrka was flirting with the young singer. “They really are very gossipy in this new version of them, they find everything wrong and extreme feminism is exaggerated for anything,” said a netizen.

“Well, but this is Mrs. Dellanos. What do you think, is she old enough to do another type of interview? what is that to ask him to sing in the ear??? For Nodal, it is clear from the age of this Mrs. ”,“ I find it quite arrogant on the part of Mirka that she is outraged because he did not sing in her ear! He is not obliged to do it! ”, Were some comments. Filed Under: Myrka Dellanos snub Christian Nodal

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Myrka Dellanos Nodal rudeness: reveals what the singer told her

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