Natalia Téllez on the case of Debanhi Escobar: “It cannot be normalized”

Natalia Téllez explained that the situation of violence should not be normalized (Photos: Instagram/@natalia_tellez//Twitter/@herecomesvalery)

The host Natalia Tellez sympathized with the case Debanhi Escobar and launched a message against the gender violence faced by women in Mexico. Through her Instagram, the host of Netas Divinas explained that people should not normalize femicides and other types of situations.

In his text, Téllez showed deep indignation at the violence against women and accompanied his publication with the illustration made by the user @CarlosArizpe85the drawing is inspired by the photo that went viral when Debanhi’s disappearance was revealed.

“Everything hurts, it hurts every day, we cannot get used to it, this cannot be normalized, it has to shock and scare us because its steps are ours and those of those we love!!!! What is the message in this country? What “doesn’t matter”? That nothing happens? How many are WE?????? #mexicofeminicide #together” could be read on his Instagram a day after Debanhi Escobar’s body was found.

This was Natalia Téllez's message (Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)
This was Natalia Téllez’s message (Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)

Last Thursday, April 21, Debanhi’s family was required at the Nueva Castilla Motel by the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office, in the cistern of this place, The body of the 18-year-old girl who had been missing for 13 days was found.

Due to various inconsistencies during the investigation, the finding produced indignation and disagreement in various sectors, mainly the loved ones of the law student.

The publication of Natalia Téllez obtained almost 100 thousand “likes” and fostered dialogue among his followers, who were also upset and hurt by the situation. Debanhi’s case is not an isolated situation, it was only during the search for him that they found five living women who had been reported missing between April 14 and 19 in Nuevo León.

Debanhi Escobar was 18 years old and was studying Law (Photo: Facebook/DebanhiEscobar)
Debanhi Escobar was 18 years old and was studying Law (Photo: Facebook/DebanhiEscobar)

“They can blame the friends, the uber, the parents and even herself, but absolutely no one has the right to take a woman’s life just because they see her alone on the street”, “This situation hurts me a lot, I have a daughter and I am a daughter, I hug them all,” “The message is that the government and the law are made to protect criminals!” and “The fault lies with whoever killed her and no one else. Being left alone should not be synonymous with disappearing or dying” were just some of the comments that could be read in the publication of Natalia Tellez.

On the other hand, this Saturday, April 23, other celebrities also shared their pain and outrage at the Debanhi case. Through her Instagram account, Rebecca Jones published a message very similar to that of Natalia Téllez:

“This women’s graveyard that has become Mexico. What is the message in this country??? What doesn’t matter? That nothing happens? HOW MANY ARE WE ALREADY???? 21,000??? Indolence hurts.#mexicofeminicide” could be read.

Rebecca Jones and Anel Noreña (Photo: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones)
Rebecca Jones and Anel Noreña (Photo: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones)

Among the comments, that of the vedette Anel Noreña stood out, “It is very sad to see how many generations pass and continue to attack us and take away our girls from the future #mexicomedueles”, he wrote from his official account, showing solidarity for the case.

About him case of Debanhi Escobar

After the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León confirmed that the body they found inside a cistern corresponded to Debanhi Escobara young woman missing since last April 9, the National Search Commission (CNB) questioned the “interpretation of the law” of the Monterrey authorities.

Karla Quintana Osunahead of the Commission, assured that the FGE hides behind “a misinterpretation of the law” for not giving information about the case of the 18-year-old girl. However, he pointed out that the Monterrey Prosecutor’s Office is a clear example of the failed autonomy of the authoritiesdue to lack of coordination.


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Natalia Téllez on the case of Debanhi Escobar: “It cannot be normalized”

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