National Book Day. Ten artists indicate what they are reading

Aaaah, the books… this little bundle of stacked leaves, fragrant, whose collection of rationally organized words transports us to the depths of our battered soul! For lovers of these heaps (paper or bytes, if you are into e-books) today is a special day. On October 28th we celebrate National Book Day. And reading addicts know that people are always chasing indications of good works to hunt in stores or used bookstores.

So what better than receiving nominations directly from the artists we so admire? Another service from the heart of Music Non Stop for our readers. Enjoy!

We asked XX artists we like: what are you reading right now and what are you thinking about reading?

Nelson D – Sìgìdì – Henrique André – Ed. Ananse

Nelson D, a musician you met here at MNS, of indigenous ancestry, has in Afrofuturism one of the main directions of his creation. The artist remains strong in his research, even during his leisure time. “I’m reading Siigdi, an Afrotuturist story of the writer Henrique André, released by the publisher Ananse. This story is very interesting, as it aborts we have afrotuturists in a non-obvious way, and with the creation of a very original universe”.


Book cover Sìgìdì – Editora Ananse

Tatá Airplane – Behold Antonin Artaud – Florence Mèredieu – Ed. Perspectiva

We couldn’t expect a less cult nomination than the biography of Antonion Artaud, sent by our psychedelic troubadour from São Paulo Tata Airplane, who has already collaborated with us here with an incredible nomination of films. Tatá took a break from working on his new album to talk about reading: “The biography is very well written and very well documented, the edition I’m reading is by Perspective, has more than 1,000 pages. It’s a deep dive into the life and work of the brilliant “Artaud”, the connection is well worth it”.

Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud was a French poet, actor, writer, playwright, screenwriter and theater director of anarchist aspirations and linked to surrealism.

Behold Antonin Artaud Book

Eis Antonin Artaud – Ed. Perspective

Julico (The Baggios) – The Fall of Heaven – Davi Kopenawa & Bruce Albert – Ed. Companhia das Letras

julico, the fantastic The Baggios (not to mention that the man’s solo album is also jaw-dropping) he sent us the lyrics (nice pun) about his reading about people Yanonami:

“One of the books I’ve been reading recently is The Fall from Heaven, a book that tells the story of the Yanomami tribe. It was already a culture that attracted a lot of attention when I went to the exhibition at Claudia Andujar. I was enchanted by the rituals, the culture, the friction with whites to defend their lands and such. I came across this book and was delighted with the depth with which the shaman Davi Kopenawa narrates his entire story, the ancestors, the symbolism for each property that is seen within a tribe, a fluff that is… the thing to inhale the Snuff powder, which comes from a bark that is part of their ritual to have a connection with the spiritual side. It’s a long book, over 800 pages, I’m getting really enchanted with this universe. I get caught up a lot in this forest environment. In this experience narrated by them with symbolisms portrayed with curiosities and stories. It has a lot of wealth. It was a great find for me. I hope people value indigenous culture more. That’s because I’m talking about a tribe. Imagine how many different tribes there are in the country, with different languages ​​and customs. It has been a revealing reading that has brought me even more admiration and respect for the indigenous people.

the fall from heaven

The Fall into Heaven – Company of Letters

Marco Bosco – Incident in Antares – Erico Verissimo – Editora Cia. das Letras

Marco Bosco, the great Brazilian percussionist who once shared the stage with Nina Simone and is responsible for the seminal album Metal Madeira, he has dedicated himself to Erico Verissimo’s book when he takes a break from his drumming. “This book was released in the early 70s, I think. Erico Verissimo has traveled a lot. Something very anarchist and fantastic. The paths of imaginary creation of this ace are very good! The city of Antares, the incident… an exceptional romance. A trip indeed!

Incident in Antares - Erico Verissimo

Incident in Antares – Companhia das Letras

Amanda Mussi – Fabulous: The Rise Of Beautiful Excentric – Madison Moore – Yale University Press

“The book is a reflection on the importance of fabulousness, in the queer world, as a tool for struggle and resistance, in addition to performance and aesthetics. The author is also a DJ and played at a party in NY where I always play” says Amanda Mussi, who rocked last week with her remix for the new EP from Massa Records.


Fabulous – Yale University Press

Barbara Eugenia – That’s why this voice is so great – Jotabê Medeiros (publisher however)

Barbara Eugenia is fond of the history of bands and rockstars from the 60s and 70s. “I watch documentaries and I even cry”, she told me in a conversation on her return from the party Music Non Stop Sessions which took place in Campinas at Galeria 1212. In literature, the habit persists, as we see in its indication today, the biography of Roberto Carlos.

“It’s really cool to have a broader and at the same time detailed view of what popular music was in the golden years, especially Jovem Guarda. How big it was and how the artists came and went. A lot of people involved. Unfortunately the market was always unfair and had a lot of ugly history together, but still, an incredible portrait of that generation. And yes, a beautiful tribute to this very important figure in our music (say what you want, it’s true). Jotabê is a great biographer, it’s worth reading them all!”. Recommended!

Roberto Carlos - That's why this Voice is Large

That’s Why This Voice Size – Publisher However

Camilo Rocha – Ney Matogrosso – The Biography – Julio Maria (Ed. Cia da Letras)

The reference DJ and musical encyclopedia Camilo Rocha he’s also been glued to biographies. His indication is the history of the Brazilian transgressor icon Ney Matogrosso. “The fascinating story of the life of one of the greatest musicians in our music, from his childhood in the “wild west” of the Brazilian border, to the pop transgression of Secos e Molhados and his establishment as a first-rate MPB star. Detailed and full of good stories”. I wanted to start reading now!

ney matogrosso biography

Ney Matogrosso: A Biography – Companhia das Letras Publisher

Laurent F – Paname Underground – Zarca (Editora Prix de Flore) & BoomBass – Hubert Blanc-Francard (Editor Léo Scheer)

O DJ Laurent F he has just returned from a stint in France and brought there not one but two books that are making up his mind. Of course we are not going to deny an extra dose of literary recommendations, right. And they are heavy! The first indication is Paname Underground, of the writer Zarca , an artist who lives what he writes and therefore participates in the darkest side of the country, from where he draws inspiration for his books, in the best gonzo de Hunther Tompson. “The author summarizes his experience (day-to-day) in the dirtiest and most subversive underground in Paris. A true story and very well articulated in the sense of making everyone in French society understand all the forms of slang and words used by immigrants in this rotten and fetid underworld of the capital of culture”, says Laurent.

Paname Underground

Paname Underground – Ed. Prix de Flore

The second French rocket, which should delight oldschool readers of the MNS, is BoomBass, from Hubert Blanc-Francard: autobiography by the writer Hubert Blanc-Francard himself. He started his studies in the 90’s together with all the art students of that period…which generated a friendship between him and the Cassius brothers…. the book counts, as does a good doc. The entire trajectory of the duo until the sad departure of one of them…
In the end, it’s Cassius’s story told by a friend.” And by table, the entire trajectory of the movement called French Touch, which includes Daft Punk.


BoomBass – Ed. Leo Scheer

Gabriel Soares (Atalhos) – Tomás Nevison – Javier Marías – Ed. Alfaguara

Gabriel Soares, from the band shortcuts, which you met in the column Noise Radar here at MNS, he’s a bookseller as well as music, that is, here’s a tip from an expert on the subject. “Right now I’m reading “Thomas Nevinson“, from the Spanish writer Javier Marias – in my opinion the best living novelist in activity these days. The book tells the story of a secret agent who is involved in a plot with several other characters from his old books. It’s amazing when an author creates a whole fictional universe and makes us confuse the reality of fantasy a little. I remember the day in Madrid when I was on tour playing drums with the band Black Room, I searched like crazy for one of his books until I finally managed to find it, before continuing my trip to Primavera Sound in Barcelona”.

Thomas Nevinson - Book

Tomas Nevinson – Ed. Alfaguara

Cris Braum – Os Nago ea Morte – Juana Elbein – Voice Editor

Cris Braum, who has just released a new single, tells us the rare book The Nago and the Death: “I’ve been reading about Candomblé, rereading the Pierre Verger… but my nomination is the classic The Nago and the Death, doctoral thesis of Joan Elbein. They are studies, symbols and meanings. I’m particularly interested because I understand it as part of my initiation ritual. Understand our ancestry!”, Cris tells us.

The Nago and the Death

Os Nago ea Morte – Editora Vozes

Jota Wagner – Claudia Assef – Todo DJ Já Sambou – Editora Music Non Stop

You didn’t think we would waste the opportunity to nominate our book among this incredible list that we’ve prepared, did you? Because I’m not lying. The book Every DJ Has Sambou, of the partner and founder of Music Non Stop Claudia Assef (and which has an honorable collaboration from the one who voices in the most recent edition, telling the story of The Great Brazilian Disaster), is a reference book on the subject and is here on the table. It is used every week to answer questions about the DJ’s history in Brazil. It’s a book to have.

All DJ Ja Sambou

All DJ Já Sambou – Editora Music Non Stop

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Jota Wagner

Jota Wagner has been writing, disco, and partying in Brazil and Europe since the early 90s. He is currently editor in chief of Music Non Stop and cultural producer at Agência 55. He has contributed, using his ears, feet or hands, to the dawn of Brazilian electronic music.

We would like to give thanks to the author of this write-up for this outstanding material

National Book Day. Ten artists indicate what they are reading