New chapter in the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira: the silent role of Alejandro Sanz

Sanz would be the main driver for Shakira to completely leave Spain

The separation between Gerard Piqué Y Shakira seems to have several chapters ahead of him, with legal disputes at the center of the scene. But in the last hours, the rumors another person involved gave him an unexpected twist to the rupture between the singer and the footballer. The incidence of Alejandro Sanzin the role of “advisor” to the artist, especially with regard to the agreements surrounding the signing of the divorce.

According to the newspaper ACE, Among the advice that the Spanish singer-songwriter would have given to the Colombian was that of the legal office of Pilar Mañé, a recognized professional from Catalonia. Gerard, for his part, was advised by the law firm that worked on the divorce of the tennis player Aranxta Sánchez Vicario. The main bid is for the custody of their children Sasha and MliánIn addition to the division of assets. It is worth noting that Shakira Y Alejandro Sanz They have had a friendly relationship since 2005, when they starred in one of the most successful music videos, Torture.

The versions of a romance between the artists come from a long time ago, to the level that at some point confused the fans. Initially, they talked about the unbreakable friendship they maintain and that has led them to participate together in some concerts that the Colombian has offered in Spain, in which he invited his friend to perform together on stage the success that led them to be number one on the entire planet.

The friendship between the artists was born in 2005
The friendship between the artists was born in 2005

But the intimate history between Alejandro Sanz and Shakira began to regain strength due to the statements of the journalist Javier de Hoyos in the program Show Partners, where he pointed out that the reason why the Barranquilla woman wants to leave Spain: for a new love. “It was thought that they opened the doors to a reconciliation, but Alejandro Sanz is in Miami. He is encouraging her to leave… They have had a secret relationship for more than fifteen years”, commented the journalist.

Sanz would be one of the main promoters of the idea of ​​Shakira moving to Miami and starting a new life there, away from the siege of the Catalan press. Another of the points that stand out in the different media about the need to move from the Colombian is that she has the recordings of dancing with myself, . But this situation depends on the decision that is made in court about the future of their children and in whose hands the possession will be left, in addition to the visitation regime.

According to the Spanish media, Shakira would be willing to pay two million dollars so that his ex-partner agrees not to fight for the custody of Milan and Sashain addition to facilitating tickets and stay so that the defender can move quietly to Miami. For now, the two protagonists are waiting for a meeting in the coming days to define what will happen to the children.


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New chapter in the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira: the silent role of Alejandro Sanz

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