New details of the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira came to light: “She is devastated, a Gerard like this was never expected”

The Colombian singer and the FC Barcelona footballer confirmed the separation on June 4

The breakdown of the relationship Gerard Piqué Y Shakira continues to add controversy. After 12 years of relationship and with two children as a result (Sasha and Milan), the media character of the separation and the context (with accusations of infidelity towards the player and a body of detectives hired by the artist to confirm the suspicions) made her in permanent news. In recent days, in addition, the fact that the Barcelona defender whitewashed her courtship with Clara Chia Marti23, an employee of Kosmos, the company that belongs to the defender.

Well, in the last few hours new details of the break in the marriage came to light, which on June 4 became official from the statement released by the singer’s environment. At the time, the TV show socialite He had told the “tricks” to which the 35-year-old footballer appealed, so as not to be discovered in his nightly wanderings.

The preferred redoubt for the world champion in South Africa 2010 is a bar called La Traviesa. There, always according to the show, he was accompanied by Riqui Puig, his former teammate on the culé campus. He arrived by taxi, never in one of his cars. He entered through a side door, located on a little-traveled street.

But also, inside, Piqué had a “reserved” room, surrounded by red curtains, to which only he defined who entered and who did not. It would be a modality that Gerard used in advance. the influencer Luciana Guschmer He stated that the defender used to participate in parties with models along with other soccer players, also with restricted access. Y in them there was an unbreakable rule: there could be no mobile phones.

On this occasion, it was the Spanish journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin in dialogue with RCN World who told part of the behind the scenes of the separation, and the current state of mind of the artist. “In the beginning, it was a very beautiful relationship, very intense. There was a lot of passion between them, but well, the breakup was very painful for Shakira.. I can say that Shakira is very bad, emotionally she is devastated. She has even needed psychological support, a Gerard Piqué like this was never expected”, the chronicler immersed himself in intimacy, who claimed to know the couple in depth from the precise moment they met.

In addition, Martin, who accepted that he positioned himself “in favor of Shakira” revealed that “I have always known Piqué’s adventures in Barcelonabecause in the end it is a small city, where the people of the night know each other and I got a lot of things from Gerardbut I was not the one to go talk to Shakira”.

Of course, the journalist remarked that he anticipated the artist, even on air, that the player was not faithful to him. “In a television program I warned Shakira and said ‘watch out, Gerard is hitting her from behind’. And it is true that when I said that on television, I did receive a serious warning.

Indeed, there are doubts about when the relationship between Piqué and Martí began. The first image together dates from February, long before the formalization of Shakira’s separation. “Gerard and Clara have been seeing each other for months. She is a student who also works for him in his office, organizing events. She has kept quiet about their relationship, but everyone around them knows what is going on,” she informed her. The Sun an anonymous source close to the girl.

Gerard is very much in love with her, he doesn’t want to break up at all. Despite the fact that they have said that they are going to separate, they are very much in love and that is why Shakira is going through a terrible mood swing,” added the aforementioned Jordi Martin. The Spanish media even indicated that the soccer player’s parents had already “integrated” Clara Chía into her family clan.

Piqué and Clara Chía’s first public kiss, his new girlfriend

In the last hours a new storm front has opened in the former media couple. Is that the TV show socialite registered the defender with Clara at the Summerfest Cerdanya, where the Spanish singer Dani Martin performed. There, in addition, they are seen close and caramelized. “They kissed and there were many gestures of complicity: hugs and caresses”they assured the mamarazzis of the Spanish medium The newspaperwhat’s more“they did not hide”so those present at the venue were able to take some photographs and record some videos.

These images would have broken a pact. According to the same television show, There was an agreement between the two by which they should not be shown in public with a new partner for a year. After the appearance of the video and the photos, the paparazzi Jordi Martin himself found her on a picnic with her children and the artist allowed her to photograph them.

I saw her sadder and more desolate than ever. Even so, he wanted to give me these images, and I want to thank him because I know how bad he is going through it. Couples can break up and absolutely nothing happens, but Gerard is acting bad and he is doing damage”, underlined the author of the photos.

He only asked me not to ask him questions in front of the children. And obviously it didn’t even cross my mind to do so. It was not easy for me to take these images. From here, encouragement that you will get out of this, ”said the context of the meeting.

Beyond the media plane, the judicial one. Custody of the children seems agreed. There was talk that Piqué would sign the authorization for them to settle in Miami with his mother, in exchange for a package of plane tickets to visit them and an amount of fixed money (around 400,000 euros) to raise a debt. What will end up in court, apparently, is the division of assets, which would have been clouded by the appearance of a 20 million dollar plane.


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New details of the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira came to light: “She is devastated, a Gerard like this was never expected”

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