New From SKIMS, Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing In Old Hollywood Shoot

We know that for the beautiful American model and businesswoman, kim kardashian, Hollywood of the years 70’s It was a golden age, one of his favorite moments and also the one on which he decided to base the Qué style used to promote his new collection of metallic beach suits.

How sure do you know the famous has one brand call SKIMSwhere she normally wears neutral colors, but now she decided to bet on a new trend, these beach suits that have a metallic, shiny, gold and silver look.

The collection is available tomorrow July 6tha day that her fans have been waiting for, after being able to observe her with blonde hair cut in layers, with volume, just as she used you at that time and how we can see “Charlie’s Angels” on occasion.

Of course, she also wore the intense makeup that was customary at the time, all while having a pool party with the other models also participating for this promotion.

Also accompanied by some elegant dogs that gave the antique touch to the pieces of entertainmentas well as the mansion with sculptures and details that transported us to the golden ages of cinema.


Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared the upcoming release with a special photo shoot.

Millions of people have given it their likes, the reception it has had has been incredible and in the comments we can see that everyone liked this new proposal, with very nice colors, a launch that has been waiting for some time.

Of course they will have sizes for each figure, the purpose is to launch these 10 pieces of suits for the beach or pool in which their followers can feel comfortable and beautiful.

Kim Kardashian is very proud of this launch and is waiting for you to enter her website and purchase some of her new products, of course you can combine everything with some accessories that will give it a special touch and perhaps assimilate to the session. photo that she decided to make for the occasion.

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New From SKIMS, Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing In Old Hollywood Shoot

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