New Music Drop: Jennifer Lopez, Anuel AA, Christina Aguilera and more

This week, finally, the trailer for ‘Marry Me’, the movie in which Jennifer Lopez and Maluma share credits, and, in the same way, the song ‘On My Way’ was launched, which is part of the soundtrack.

Packed with original songs by JLo and Maluma, ‘Marry Me’ will hit theaters next Valentine’s Day. In the film, directed by Kat Coiro, Lopez plays the musical superstar Kat Valdez, who, after learning that her partner, a rocker whom the Colombian plays, is marrying Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a math teacher.

It’s certainly an unlikely romance between two different people looking for something real in a world where value is based on likes and followers. ‘Marry Me’ is a modern love story about fame, marriage, and social media.

Jennifer Lopez — ‘On My Way (Marry Me)’

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Anuel AA, Myke Towers & Jhay Cortez – ‘Súbelo’

This song is one more preview of Anuel AA’s next album, ‘Legends Never Die’, which, until today, has no fixed date for its release.

The Puerto Rican artist and his director, XX, brought the energy of baseball to life with their sports concept theme for this video. Anuel filmed the music video at the legendary Marlins Stadium in Miami, which featured top MLB players, including current NY Mets and former NY Yankees player Robinson Canó; Miami Marlins player Miguel Rojas and Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series winner Guillermo Heredia.

“For me, having these MLB legends in my video brought my vision to life for my fans to be inspired,” Anuel shares through a press release. “For a moment during this video I felt like I was a baseball legend. I really want my fans to know that the general concept is to inspire when we fall, we get back up and anything is possible, “he added.

YEИDRY, J Balvin – ‘Instinct’

“A man and a woman yearn for lustful love outside of their respective worldly relationships. They follow their instincts because they are attracted to each other both emotionally and physically … But in the end, they don’t act on their feelings and resist, “explained YEИDRY in a press release, about the meaning of this song.

The impressive video was directed by director José Emilio Sagaró and filmed in New York City. Through Sagaró’s artistic eye, we see the story of two people with a strong attraction to each other who work together on a mission while fighting their own feelings of lust.

Christina Aguilera – ‘We are nothing’

“We are the flowers being born from the mud,” Christina wrote on her Instagram account, as a presentation for this song, her new single in Spanish, composed by Mario Domm, Federico Vindve and Sharlene. The piece will be part of the EP ‘La Fuerza’, by Aguilera.

Eladio Carrión, Jay Wheeler – ‘Alejarme de ti’

On Instagram, Eladio Carrión referred to this issue as one of his “favorite songs of all time.” For his part, Jay Wheeler said the same about the single, referring to his colleague as his “brother.”

Brray, Rauw Alejandro – ‘You can’ care ‘, from the album’ Err Bambini ‘

The name of Brray’s debut album says it all, it is a personal and open delivery, where the artist gives his all on each song. “The message, meaning behind the name of the album is that many people know me as Bambi, people close, Bambi, Bambini. I wanted to give this album a more personal touch, more me and that’s why I named it ‘Err Bambini’, with two r’s, the two Brray’s r’s. Bambini of my nickname and of Bambino that has a lot to do with what Babe Ruth is, who was the Bambino, and with what Bambi- AKA Brray is, ”said Brray through a press release.

VF7 x Rauw Alejandro x Beéle x Lenny Tavárez – ‘Extrañándote Remix’

“For me, ‘Missing you’ is a very special song because it was the first collaboration of my career and Rauw was the first artist to want to work with me, that’s why I didn’t think about remixing, but the fans asked me. So much so that we decided to do it and Now I am happy with the result and for being able to collaborate with Lenny and Beele, whom I admire a lot, ”said Puerto Rican Valeria Fernández, better known as Vf7, through a press release.

Las Villa – ‘Romantic Flow’

Las Villa, Laura and Lucía, are a duo of twin sisters who mix pop melodies with urban rap. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, they have combined ingredients from three different continents, such as America, Europe and Asia.

Elena Rose — ‘Vogue’

‘Vogue’ is Elena’s most vulnerable song to date. It is her, in conversation with outsiders who try to invade our space, the social pressures that surround us and the personal relationships that make her struggle with all her emotions. The video was filmed in Miami under the direction of Zach Zak Tassler and produced by Squid.

Carmen DeLeon – ‘Butterflies’

“‘Mariposas’ was written thinking about that sensation we feel in our stomach when we see that person who moves the floor and shakes our soul,” Carmen DeLeon commented through a press release. “The song is dedicated to a very special person for me, who began as a great friend, the one who makes you feel that everything is perfect, who understands you without having to give many explanations, the one who knows how to make you laugh and make you feel unique and special”.

Matt Paris — ‘Cocinándose’

Maná & Alejandro Fernández – ‘Treacherous Butterfly’

Ricardo Arjona – ‘Flows’

Sam i feat. Anitta, BIA & Jarina De Marco – ‘Let yourself go’, from the movie ‘Sing 2’

Amarion — ‘Randy Johnson’, del álbum ‘Mood’

Juan Magán – ‘Let’s Drink’

Jeeiph – ‘Your perfume’

LEU – ‘Comfortable’

Frank Louis X Sahir – ‘Vite Bo’

Clio Feat. Dj Nelson – ‘Que se Jxda’

Chavi Leons – ‘Te supe amar’

Yung Sarria X Jey Blessing – ‘Vicio, from the Mixtape’ Multiplica ‘

Kele – ‘Baguette’

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New Music Drop: Jennifer Lopez, Anuel AA, Christina Aguilera and more