New scandal in the separation of Piqué and Shakira: the footballer would have been unfaithful to him with a famous model ex-girlfriend of DiCaprio

Piqué with Shakira, and the image of Bar Rafaeli

The stormy separation of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira had as focus this week the harsh mediation they maintained for the custody of Milan and Shasha, their children. However, the information that emerges minute by minute does nothing but strain the relationship, after 12 years of bond. In the last hours, the journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martinwho follows the breakup instantly, published a piece of information on his Instagram account that he described as “an open secret.”

“A few days ago I sent this information to a person very close to Shakira. After a long time, They have finally been able to confirm what was an open secret for a long time: Piqué’s alleged infidelity with Bar Rafaeli in 2012. A few days ago, I spoke with a close friend of Bar Rafaeli, who is a friend of mine for many years and was able to confirm that the top model’s reason for multiple visits to Barcelona was this”, was one of the stories shared by the chronicler.

“This information was sent to Shakira through a trusted person, who was stunned,” he added. Rafaeli was the actor’s girlfriend Leonardo Dicaprio between 2006 and 2007, and the episode had generated noise in 2012 for various signals. But as the couple later moved on, the versions of infidelity fell by the wayside. Until they resurfaced with the scandal.

Martin had already commented on antenna 2 that at that time the Rafaeli case had caused a crisis in the couple and that the artist herself had discovered messages between the two on the defender’s phone. At that time, the covers of the magazines showed a Shakira leaving Catalonia loaded with suitcases, as proof of said short circuit.

According to the paparazzi, there are several confirmed infidelities of Piqué. The most notorious is that of Clara Chía Martí, 23, today the girlfriend of the world champion with Spain in 2010. Gerard and Shakira made the break official on June 4, however, there are images of the defender with his young partner dating from february. The aforementioned chronicler had accused the athlete of a double deception: “Piqué has a best friend. Clara was the girlfriend of the brother of that friend of Piqué. Since they met, he was crushed by the girl. They exchanged phones, at first they met secretly. Then he not only takes away the girlfriend of his best friend’s brother, but also fires him from Kosmos, and hires the girl”.

Martin had reported two other affairs, one in 2016 and one in 2020. The first, with a former partner: Nuria Thomas. “Today she is happily married, she just became a mother, so she was single. That meeting took place in Nuria’s apartment. He was in the concentration of the Spanish team, he goes to Nuria’s apartment in a taxi, they see each other for two hours and he returns with the team”, he said in the Peruvian TV program love and fire.

And in the other case, he chose to protect the identity of the lady in question. The accusation was published on his Twitter account. Catalan. Initials: JP. It happened in a well-known nightclub in Barcelona. It is not known and it happened in the bathroom of a nightclub “he pointed out.

Jordi Martin's publications on Instagram
Jordi Martin’s publications on Instagram

The aforementioned journalist gave his version of how the Blaugrana defender’s method was to carry out clandestine meetings away from prying eyes: “When he sees himself with a girl, he knows perfectly well the measures he has to take. Namely, if he goes to a hotel and sees a girl, she goes first, he parks the car, goes up to the room alone and the girl goes up alone. The girl leaves the hotel alone and he leaves alone. That is the modus operandi that Piqué has used for many years”.

It was on suspicion that the singer would have hired a group of detectives to determine if Gerard was being unfaithful. And that report is the letter with which she threatens to attack in Court if they do not agree on the custody of the children, since she intends to move to Miami with them, and to achieve this she needs the signed authorization of the father of the little ones.

Piqué asks him ‘for time because he was overwhelmed with the companies’. Shakira tells him ‘don’t worry because I have to go to the United States for 17 days to record’. She proposes couples therapy to him, which he rejects, so she realizes that she is not going to improve the relationship, that it is not an ups and downs, but that there is something more, “Martin described the germ of the end.

Well, other names are beginning to join the relationship breakdown list. This time, the one that emerged was the Bar Rafaeli.


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New scandal in the separation of Piqué and Shakira: the footballer would have been unfaithful to him with a famous model ex-girlfriend of DiCaprio

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