New test for Julián Gil: He faces cancer

Julián Gil shows his scar.

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new test for Julian GilHe faces cancer. This Wednesday, May 5, the beloved actor and presenter revealed the battle he has been waging for almost two years, when in the midst of the pandemic he was diagnosed with melanoma.

Through his Facebook account, Julián responded to all those who asked him about the huge scar he has on one of his pectorals.

This video has to do with cancer, I thought about it a lot before doing it, because I understood that it was something very personal, but many asked me about the scar and I decided to do itI understand that we must help raise awareness as a communication to the people, ”Gil began by saying in the video, shirtless and with his protagonist scar.

More than a year ago a little raised mole appeared on me, I went to a dermatologist-endocrinologist in Mexico, and it turned out to be skin cancerbut I’m fine, we had to operate, “he continued explaining.

Julian, who he just discovered a new mole on the side of his nose that the doctor doesn’t likerecounted in this way how his fight against cancer began, which is still going on, although he assures that he is well:

For me it was an extremely big shock to find out that I had cancer, like anyone else, I never thought it would happen to me, sometimes we superheroes believe that nothing is going to happen, that everything is going to be fine, but it happened to me… This video is to make people aware, mine was skin cancer, I understand it was due to too much sun, those who know me well from Puerto Rico, I always abused the sun a lot, I always wanted to be black, skinny, and I was one of those who put on baby oil.

Everyone told me not to sunbathe so much, that skin cancer, and one thought he was a superhero that it’s not going to happen to you and well, it hit me. I’m fine… Obviously every 6 months I have to go for check-ups“, he continued counting.

To finish, Gil gave his audience a rabbit to prevent them from living the nightmare that he had to live and the one that is still going on: “Don’t sunbathe, or drink with sunscreen, I’m fine, don’t worry“.

It is not the first time that hehe Gil family faces a cancer diagnosis, the husband of his daughter Nicole, was diagnosed with the disease weeks after getting marriedso the couple, with the support of Julián, decided at that time to suspend the wedding to focus on recovery. In 2021, now cancer-free, they were married in Spain, where they are currently based.

Here you can see the story told by Julián Gil himself.


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New test for Julián Gil: He faces cancer

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