Nicole Kidman in a tender moment with husband Keith Urban; he interrupts her concert to pick up his sack

australian actress Nicole Kidman just starred in tender moment next to her husband, country singer Keith Urban, take the stage and take the microphone for a sweet interaction between them in front of the entire audience.

The moment was captured by several cameras and uploaded to social networks by himself. Keith Urban, melting hearts with this surprise appearance by the Oscar-winning actress who interrupted on May 28 the concert of her husband who was giving in Las Vegas.

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In the video, we see that Nicole Kidman approaches the singer and gives him a kiss; she then she picks up the mic and just says “Hello”. Keith Urban then jokes with her when he asks her: “What’s your name? Where are you from?”. The actress laughs and sweetly answers: “nicole urban”, to which her husband says “Oh, great!”.

The moment does not end there, because then the protagonist of films like The Others, Bombshell or Being the Ricardos, reveals the reason why she went on stage. “I came for your jacket. You put her on the ground and I’m worried”, she is heard saying in the video.

The singer then takes her by the hand and leads her to where he left his jacket. “He literally said, ‘Don’t lose that jacket,’ and I’m like, ‘How am I going to lose the jacket?'” he tells the audience.but then the jacket does not appear

It takes a few seconds before they find the garment with a guitar tech who had already picked it up, so Keith Urban takes it and puts it on Nicole Kidman, who is wearing some black pants, a black tank top and a striped vest.

Nicole Kidman finally blows the audience a kiss and runs offstage; a tender and very sweet moment between this couple who got married in 2006 and they have two daughters together. “…Just a Saturday night in Vegas!” he wrote in his post.

Their followers write to them that they look very much in love and applaud this relationship so tender and full of affection. “My favorite couple”, “You guys are adorable” or “You are both beautiful and you Keith so adorable with your wife. I love that”, were some of the comments on networks.

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Nicole Kidman in a tender moment with husband Keith Urban; he interrupts her concert to pick up his sack

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