“Ninel Conde style”, Anastasia Kvitko stirs up from the water

the stunning influencer russian Anastasia Kvitko shared a photograph in which she shone in the purest style of the beautiful actress Ninel Conde, with a swimsuit very much in her style. Anastasia Kvitko modeled for social networks the small red two-piece outfit made up of very little TV, some ribbons and rings, being really attractive to anyone.

The beautiful Russian model gave one of the favorite angles for her followers, from behind, leaning a little so that they can see her beautiful face and highlighting her greatest attribute as she sits on the edge of a pool.

The social media star was enjoying the pool day so much that even a few droplets of water splashed onto her charm making her look even more eye-catching for the camera and on social media.

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The curvaceous figure of Anastasia Kvitko she was immediately visible, her small waist and voluminous charms could not be hidden by such a small outfit. The Russian complemented her look with very natural makeup, huge sunglasses, a pair of bracelets and her very relaxed hair, with which she played a little.


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Anastasia Kvitko stirs up from the water, “Ninel Conde style”. Photo: Instagram.

In the background of the photograph you can see the blue of the pool that really looks craving and without a doubt you must have enjoyed the famous one, nature made a perfect combination with its beauty.

Kvitko is one of the most beautiful women on social networks, this stunning model never goes unnoticed wherever she goes, whether with many or few clothes.

The famous Russian keeps Internet users glued to her social networks thanks to her content where, of course, the protagonist is her enormous beauty that has cataloged her with other beautiful women such as the socialite Kim Kardashian and the British model Demi Rose.

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“Ninel Conde style”, Anastasia Kvitko stirs up from the water

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