Niurka is a character and it was Juan Osorio who invented it: “I put the whole thing together”

Niurka and Juan Osorio procreated and Emilio Osorio during their courtship (Photo: File)

Niurka Marcos has been known in the show business for several years as a woman outgoing, controversial hot temper and mischief To flower of skin. His numerous and controversial statements about the situation of entertainment and its characters, and his phrases that have been used as memes on social networks, They have made her a benchmark of “vedetismo” in the national environment.

The disruptive personality showgirl cuban seems to be an invention that was developed over timea planned creation, as announced by his ex-partner John Osorio recently in an interview.

The producer of Televisa He recalled the time when he and Niurka consolidated a couple, after meeting her in a show, this time after the dancer arrived in Mexico from Cuba to try her luck in the national show.

"my face of innocence"Niurka wrote to accompany this image from yesteryear (IG: niurka.oficial)
“My face of innocence,” wrote Niurka to accompany this image of yesteryear (IG: niurka.oficial)

As expressed by Osorio, the personality of the showgirl it was very different then the one we know today, because both they created a controversial character around her to be noticed in the media.

And it is that Niurka Marcos studied four years at the National Circus School of Cuba, and later, in the 80s, came to Mexico for the first timebut this stay was short-lived because the man with whom she was married in those years pressured her to return to the island.

It was later when the dancer returned to the Aztec country and settled between Mérida and Cancún, places where she got an opportunity: get into TV driving in the chain of the SIPSE Group, in whose programs interviews and skits of comedy.

Niurka first arrived in Mexico in the 1980s (IG: niurka.oficial)
Niurka first arrived in Mexico in the 1980s (IG: niurka.oficial)

It wasn’t until 1998 that her dream break came when she met Juan Osorio in Mexico City. This was announced by the producer of The Heritage in an interview with Aurora Valle, as she recalled that the dancer left Mérida to make herself known in the capital of the country, where since she saw her, he found potential in her to work alongside Carmen Salinas.

“I knew that Adventuress I was going to make her transcend in every way, at that time there was no showgirl how she could become”, he said regarding the iconic theatrical cabaret show that was produced for many years by the late actress, and where Niurka surprised the public with her exuberant figure and her remarkable skills for exotic dance.

But in order to get his fledgling career off the ground in Mexico before landing the part in the prestigious play, Juan Osorio considered the need to build a new personality that caught the attention of the public, because initially Carmelite Salinas was reluctant to give him the role of Adventuress, with everything and that the remembered artist had a close friendship with Osorio, who recommended the Cuban.

The "character" by Niurka was designed to impress Carmen Salinas (Photos: Cuartoscuro)
Niurka’s “character” was designed to impress Carmen Salinas (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

“I’m going to say something I’ve never confessed, Niurka gets this character that we needed. I put together the whole roll and the process for Carmen to see and impressed her”, Said the producer, who then began to develop a new personality for her with his girlfriend.

“Of course, I never said that I had to teach so much, that was hers,” he joked. Juan Osorio stressed that when he was united with Niurka, a period in which they procreated his son, the now actor and singer Emilio Osoriothe Cuban he didn’t have the explosive temper as currently shownbut that personality was developed when he began his relationship with Bobby Larios, with whom he exaggerated his character until he even brought it to real life.


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Niurka is a character and it was Juan Osorio who invented it: “I put the whole thing together”

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