Niurka Marcos “ate” Osvaldo Ríos: “It’s a tremendous camón”, he said in La Casa de Los Famosos 2

The House of the Famous two began and from now on, one of the great personalities that inhabit the studio of Telemundo, Niurka Marcos, launched “theirs”. The first was to say in front of those present that had “eaten” Osvaldo Rios. In the second she hugged Laura Bozzo as if she were “his lifelong friend”.

Video taken from the Instagram account @escandalo_o

“I ate him a few years ago,” he said. Niurka Marcos pointing to Osvaldo Ríos. The actor responded by raising the glass of champagne and serving more to his companions: “We have to toast to that,” said the protagonist of the successful novel of the ’90s, “Cassandra“. They all laughed out loud, because they already know very well that the cuban star He has no filter to say what he thinks. But the thing does not end there, he also said: “He’s a tremendous jerk… only that at that time he was very gallant and everything from a soap opera and the whole thing and he told me: -Mommy, let no one find out-…”

Video taken from Instagram account @escandalo_o

Previously Niurka Marcos had made his grand entrance The House of Celebrities 2 and, while hugging with the other members of the reality show Telemundohis archrival Laura Bozzo She looked a little uncomfortable from afar. Let us remember that in the past Niurka has commented on the Peruvian. However, we know that the former participant of Rich, Famous, Latina he always thinks of everything that happens at the moment with some well-known character.

Video taken from the Instagram account @escandalo_o

Laura Bozzo told his colleagues The House of the Famous 2 who does not intend to have any discussion with Niurka Marcos: “Look, I choose my enemies and my enemies have to be from the President up. Niurka…. Are there flies?… She talks bad about me… That I’m an old woman, that I’m a mummy… I don’t want to fight with her either.”

However, the own Niurka Marcos approached him Laura Bozzo: “Doll, doll, doll, did you think you were going to escape me…?”, while hugging her. The former host of “Laura en América” ​​and known as “Miss Laura” was somewhat surprised. But in the end, everyone is there for first place and $200,000 to be won by whoever survives everything that happens in the coming weeks.

The opening night in which by the way, Alicia Machado came showing the thong floss without self-confidence and showing off the great body that is spent at 45 years old!, Niurka Marcos She cried and revealed a side that few allow to escape, but that night she had a compelling reason to let it out: her love for her children. If the Cuban woman has shown anything, it is that she is undoubtedly one of the coolest madrasas in the industry. hispanic entertainment. In fact, several times he has taken the ones in the media for some of his offspring, as well as on social networks.

The fact is that the Cuban based in Mexico received the support, words of courage and encouragement from the beautiful Romi Marcosthe charismatic Kiko Marcos and of course, the heartthrob and actor Emilio Marcos. Niurka he cried in a very honest way in front of his most important pillar. However, everyone knows that it is a winning bet, it will not be all that they will see of her in The House of the Famous 2.

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Niurka Marcos “ate” Osvaldo Ríos: “It’s a tremendous camón”, he said in La Casa de Los Famosos 2

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