Niurka ranted against Luis Miguel: “He sings to love, but he does not exercise it”

Niurka criticized Luis Miguel (Photos: Instagram)

Since his arrival at The House of Celebrities 2, Niurka Marcos He has not stopped giving what to talk about and, on this occasion, he did not attack any of his companions, nor starred in a controversial moment with Laura Bozzo, but yesand it was against the singer Luis Miguelwhich is not in reality.

It all started when Louis Foal Gentleman, former member of Acapulco Shore, He was debating that Luis Miguel was one of the best singers out there and pointed out that Brenda Zambrano believed that Bad Bunny was the one who should bear that title.

Given this, Niurka decided to intervene and pointed out that Sun It was not an example as many considerWell, according to her, she has not been emotionally responsible with her partners or her family.

“I like Luis Miguel, I like the songs of Romance because they are beautiful, I like to listen to their voice because it is spectacular, it is the voice. But I don’t like him as a person, I don’t like how he has treated women, nor the legacy he has left as a human being, as a family. I don’t like anything about him.

“He sings to love, but he does not exercise it. That is my opinion, mine, I do not impose it on anyone, “he said.

The Cuban has caused mixed opinions in the fans of the program (Photo: Instagram/@telemundo)
The Cuban has caused mixed opinions in the fans of the program (Photo: Instagram/@telemundo)

In this way, the scandal woman touched on the topic of Aracely Arambula and delved into the fact that she is very close to the actress. Likewise, she claimed to know first-hand that the singer of hits like now you can go either The unconditional he is not a good person.

“I know because I am a friend of the mother of his childrenshe said, but was interrupted by Mayeli Alonso, which sentenced: “Yes, but she doesn’t define who he is.”

By that time, the conversation was becoming more intense and Niurka pointed out that Araceli was a very close person to her and also:

“Publicly, what has been seen, what has been published and what is evidence is that his record (of Luis Miguel) speaks that he is unstable in his relationships, that he falls in love, uses and leaves women crying in depression”.

Despite all of the above, Niurka did not deny admiring the Sun for his artistic career, but he pointed out that this did not eliminate his perception of how he has managed his work environment.

“I like him as a singer, as an artist because he’s a ching * and he sings like angels and in his songs he invokes love, but he doesn’t exercise it because of his behavior. He has not left a legacy that says: he has stability, he takes care of a family (…) it hasn’t even appeared in the press, nor does the mother of his children say it, or anything. So it can be tested, ”she concluded.

It should be remembered that recently Niurka was moved to tears after Laura Bozzo asked her for an apology for treating her badly during the few days they have been in the reality show from Telemundo.

“I want to apologize, I think it’s okay. I have experienced many problems bullying And I guess I’m always on the defensive. My attitude today was very rude to Niurka and I think it’s not worth it because these days she has tried to get along with me, “said the Peruvian, after setting the pattern for a truce with the controversial star.


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Niurka ranted against Luis Miguel: “He sings to love, but he does not exercise it”

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