Niurka spoke about the conflict between Pablo Montero and Juan Osorio: “He doesn’t know how it will go”

Niurka, Juan Osorio and Pablo Montero (Photos: Ig)

Since his departure from The House Of Celebrities 2, Niurka Marcos has not stopped giving what to talk about and, after catching up on some controversies that happened in the entertainment world during his absence, the Cuban gave his opinion on the problem that Pablo Montero currently has with Juan Osoriofor staying wrong to the producer in the last recording of the series The last King: The son of the people.

It was during an interview for the sun rises, where the vedette uncovered her point of view on the matter, after the news was made known to her.

Juan must be very pissed offmy love, I don’t think about Pablo Montero but about Juan, did (Pablo) get stuck? Did he take a magnanimous peda? No, you don’t know how it’s going to go”, Niurka began to say.

Faced with the unexpected event, the now former member of the reality show Telemundo delved into that perhaps the producer will touch his heart a little with the little gold, since they have a long friendship.

“Well, of Pablito as we are his godparents from when he started… Pablo was the one who sang us mariachi in Garibaldi a Juan and to me when he told me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I mean, when I was 27 years old… And then Juan gave me the good news that Pablo was my brother in the telenovela Never forget you“, said.

Pablo Montero disappointed Juan Osorio (PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Pablo Montero disappointed Juan Osorio (PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

As for the strong friction that Montero and Osorio have had recently, Niurka tried to have a positive outlook in this regard and saw the pair possibly content soon.

“Perhaps Juan forgives him because he has forgiven him many times.“, external.

The unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernandez produced by John Osorio for Televisa Univision not only did he start off on the wrong foot, but he also closed out that way. The controversy that at all times revolved more around the cast and the dynasty of the Charro from Huentitan that on the same plot, featured a cherry on his big cake.

And it is that a few days ago several rumors began to emerge where it was claimed that Pablo Montero would have missed the last recording of the series, causing great annoyance in the father of Emilio Osorio, in Televisa and the team of actors and technicians who made up the second season of the controversial adaptation of the small screen.

Juan Osorio supported Pablo Montero in his role as "Vicente Fernandez"However, the singer's attitudes disappointed him (Photo: Instagram)
Juan Osorio supported Pablo Montero in his role as “Vicente Fernández”, however the singer’s attitudes disappointed him (Photo: Instagram)

But it was during an interview with First handthat Juan Osorio broke the silence and confessed that indeed, the actor did not go to the set as stipulated.

“It is a subject that I am not interested in addressing, Pablo knows perfectly where he made mistakes, where it failed. It hurts me a lot because, personally, I love him, I esteem him and I defended him tooth and nail to play this character and It is not possible that, suddenly the last day, one of the many days, especially the last, did not show up for the recording”, said Niurka’s ex-husband.

In a recent interview with Maria Patricia Castanedafrom its official channel Youtube, Pablo Montero gave his version of the events.

The last day of recording I came with a very heavy workload and I did not show up (…) There were many days that I slept that I only slept four or five hoursthen well yes i busted the last day -which should not be-. You are committed to something, you have to break your soul until the end, ”he pointed out.


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Niurka spoke about the conflict between Pablo Montero and Juan Osorio: “He doesn’t know how it will go”

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