“Not even risky”: why did Queen Elizabeth not let herself take a photo with her granddaughter, the daughter of Meghan and Harry?

Queen Elizabeth crossed a line by inviting her grandson Harry and his wife Meghan to her 70th jubilee. After the dispatch that the two had butted heads with royalty on Oprah’s show last year, their presence was a very goodwill gesture.

However, the monarch did not stop either. British newspapers recorded the meeting of the queen with her great-granddaughter over the weekend. Her great-grandmother did not know her and her visit to London represented the perfect moment for her.

These days the press tells of an incident that happened at that meeting. The enthusiastic parents wanted to leave the meeting with the queen in a photo, but she would have said: “Not a chance”. The monarch did not want there to be the slightest possibility that it would be used for commercial reasons or gossip. The greatest fear, sources from the royal house explain, is that the images will end up in the television series that the couple has negotiated.

better grandma than mom

The queen was a rather distant mother with her four children, according to Prince Charles himself, her firstborn. Instead, she has been a dedicated grandmother to Princes William and Harry, especially as she is doting on her great-grandchildren and she makes a point of getting them little gifts every time she sees them.

For this reason, it is said that one of the great regrets that the resignation of his grandson Harry and his wife Meghan, Dukes of Sussex, has brought to the monarchy is not being able to enjoy Archie and Lilibet, their children, since They live far away, in California.

However, that has been somewhat remedied these days when the Sussexes, after months of hesitation, accepted the monarch’s invitation to participate in the current celebrations of her Platinum Jubileeto which they arrived with their children.

A) Yes, the queen was not only able to see Archie again, but finally met Lilibetwho just a year ago came into the world as the only one of Isabel’s twelve great-grandchildren to have been born outside the United Kingdom.

Sources told the Daily Mail so so One of the great objectives of Harry and Meghan’s return to the islands was fulfilled, after their disagreements with the Windsorswhich have made big headlines in the last two years.

Lilibet is possibly more famous than many of the cousins whom he does not yet know and who far exceed his eighth place in the line of succession to the throne, such as the future King George, eldest son of his uncle, Prince William.

This is because when she was born, she was the center of a controversy when it became known that her parents chose to call her Lilibet Diana. Her middle name, which evokes her late grandmother, Diana of Wales, was almost a no-brainer, but her choice of first divided opinions of her.

Lilibet is the second daughter of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who now live in California. – Photo: REUTERS

Lilibet is the name by which Queen Elizabeth is known, both in the royal family and among their contemporary relatives in the other monarchies.

This is what King Juan Carlos of Spain calls her, for example, her distant cousin, whose son, the current King Felipe VI, grew up seeing her simply as “Aunt Lilibet”.

However, over the years and with the deaths of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, Elizabeth’s only sister, calling the Queen Lilibet became a privilege reserved only for her husband, Prince Philip.

As a result of his death, on April 9 of last year, it was believed that the nickname became only a family anecdote.

Two months after his grandfather’s death, however, Harry rescued the name by giving it to his baby.

At that time, the news of the hangovers was still fresh. accusations (racism, for example) that he and Meghan had made to the royal family in his interview with Oprah Winfrey and spread outrage in the United Kingdom.

In Pictures: Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee
The British paid Queen Elizabeth a massive tribute for her 70 years on the throne. – Photo: REUTERS

Diaries like the Daily Mail, who have always given the Sussexes a very bad press, were in charge of selling the idea that this was a dare. For days it was discussed whether they asked the queen for permission to call the innocent baby that way.

The fact is that Lilibet already met Lilibet, a nickname that, after the frivolous discussion, brings to mind the memory of the girl who was once the monarch who has lasted the longest on the throne of Great Britain, born in 1926.

Lilibet’s nickname dates back to the days when she was a baby, little princess Elizabeth of York, and completely had her grandfather’s pussy, King George V, who swooned for his eldest granddaughter.

That was quite a rarity, since he was a famously brave dad. So much so that his children, the future kings Edward VIII and George VI (father of the queen) and his other brothers, were afraid of him.

But with Isabel, his character softenedand it was not uncommon to find him on the floor, him who was so rigid, distracting her, looking for his toys under the furniture or doing everything she asked him to do.

It is said that in the midst of that special relationship, it was grandfather Jorge who started calling her Lilibet.

Others are more in favor of another version and it is that she was the one who got that small. Faced with the difficulty of saying her name Elizabeth, she pronounced Tilabet, which became Lilibet.

However, by choosing that name for his daughter, Harry found another way to perpetuate the memory of his great grandmother. Although she wouldn’t let it be saved even in a photo.

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“Not even risky”: why did Queen Elizabeth not let herself take a photo with her granddaughter, the daughter of Meghan and Harry?

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