Núria Tomás, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend, tells her version of the separation between the footballer and Shakira

The story of the separation of the Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira has gone around the world and the rumors about the future of the two celebrities are in the main headlines of the international media.

Although the ex-partner, who had a 12-year relationship, briefly refers to the separation and they have not mentioned the subject again, all kinds of rumors are woven around this story.

Now, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend became a trend having made a comment on her social networks that many related to the Barça player.

A few days after the premiere of the documentary about her life, the young woman mentioned that she would tell some of the situations in her story that have made her become the woman she is today.

Especially, he talked about something that happened to him at the age of 21 and that changed his life. “Something happened to me that totally changed my life. I always say that part of my innocence stayed there. I started to be another”, she said and continued: “A friend appeared, until then we had been friends, and we became a couple”, she concluded.

Since the love story between the two occurred about 13 years ago when she was 21, her followers related the comment to Piqué.

As a result of the avalanche of comments in this regard, Tomás decided to speak again to clarify what was said in his video and deny that it was the athlete.

“It is very good to be silent but (…) this time I have not handled it as well. It has been a harassment and total demolition of my phone.”, started saying.

She also spoke to the 16,000 followers she had obtained in recent days and told them that if they had reached her account because of the comment made in the promotion of her documentary, they had better stop following her.

“Just tell you that if you have come to this account because they have sold you that I have done a series in which I talk about a relationship I had 12 years ago, do not buy it, because you are going to be disappointed,” he told them.

Then, she affirmed that she mentions the soccer player for just over two minutes in the first chapter because she refers to the couples that affected her a lot since her youth, not only Piqué, and that He has no interest in not knowing what was part of his life and he can name it whenever and however he wants, but he clarified: “If you are looking for gossip, there is none.”

She also said that she was invited by an international platform to tell her story as a mother and entrepreneur, a topic that motivated her to participate in the program, which began six months ago, but was delayed because her time did not give.

“It has coincided with the news of my ex-partner, which I did not even know. (…) As my father says, what they say cannot be avoided, but it can be avoided if it is true, ”he clarified.

Finally, he said that after the annoyance caused by the video, he will delete it in a matter of a week.

Meanwhile, International media have turned to social networks to tell that the athlete was seen with a special friend through the streets of Barcelona.

Laura Fa and Lorena Velásquez, who work for The newspaper and who are known as the Mamarazzis, were the ones who revealed the exclusive.

“Piqué and his special friend were seen in an accomplice and affectionate attitude early Thursday morning in a town on the Catalan coast,” the journalists confirmed, emphasizing that their sources would have verified that the footballer starred in the scene around 1:00 am together with the 22-year-old girl with whom he would have been unfaithful to the Colombian.

Although they did not reveal any video or images to prove their claims, they did clarify that they had investigated and that several sources would have confirmed the presence of Piqué along with his “friend” during that night, and the “affection” that these two would have shown while they were in the vehicle.

“We are not going to give more data, even though we have it because maybe they want to maintain their privacy. Perhaps in that locality they have been seen more times”, the Mamarazzis affirmed in their program, emphasizing that they sought to respect the footballer’s decisions and privacy.

On the other hand, The Spanish journalists also confirmed that after revealing some of the data that compromised the identity of the young woman, she would have left her job, just as he had closed his social media accounts.

“We don’t know the nature of this relationship, but we do know that it is important enough to the player that they are not seen together. This makes us think that this relationship would continue. In addition, it would be more special than we initially supposed, ”the journalists commented in their article.

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Núria Tomás, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend, tells her version of the separation between the footballer and Shakira

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