Olive oil, grapefruit … Jennifer Lopez’s best-kept beauty hacks

It is not the first time that we talk about her beauty secrets. And he points out that it will not be the last if we continue to discover new tricks in his care routine. Jennifer Lopez She is a total diva who continues to amaze with her ability to dazzle with each of her appearances. It is one of those women who has managed to find the recipe for the timeless beauty getting better with the passage of time. Even her beauty brand’s tagline, launched earlier this year, follows that philosophy: “Beauty has no expiration date.”

We know that you watch your diet, that not a day goes by without training, and that you neither smoke nor drink alcoholic beverages to preserve your health. But in addition to that, it has many other patterns and customs, inherited or acquired throughout her life, which together form an extensive chapter of beauty tricks (which work, from what we see in the artist). From a careful sleep routine, to the products that she applies on her face and the amounts and foods she consumes, we also know that Jennifer Lopez is very strict with taking care of her well-being. And perhaps that is the real key to success: security and perseverance about everything that makes you feel better.

Olive and grapefruit oil, basic

He has a marked obsession with skin care. She herself has recognized it on multiple occasions and, thanks to the JLo Beauty Instagram channel, we have verified what a night routine is like for Jennifer Lpez. Cleansing gel, srum, moisturizer and eye contour with your name in the signature. And although it is now due to her beauty brand, her dressing table has always been full of luxury cosmetics. Now we also know that not only applies exclusive products to your skin, because a home trick has always been in your life and you never forget it. “My mother used to say that olive oil it was the cure for everything. And it’s a beauty secret that I’ve kept over the years because it really works “He confessed after starring in the Superbowl break performance with Shakira.

Therefore, we are not surprised that her serum, That JLo Glow, which she describes as a “glow” enclosed in a small bottle, is enriched with olive oil. Something that already happened with her Glow by JLo perfume, launched in the early 2000s, where the notes of pomelo they direct the smell of those who jumped into the market to buy it. For the artist, this food is basic in her diet, because in addition to satiate your appetite, have antioxidant properties and it is a wild card to avoid the retention of liquids.

Movement, water and little sun

He recognizes that he would love to sleep 10 hours a day, but in practice it does not exceed 7-8 hours. “I like a good night of nine or ten hours of sleepbut I can never sleep that long. So seven or eight hours of sleep is a mandatory minimum. If I don’t, I don’t feel good. I start to go crazy, I get excited and I feel tired all the time, “she confessed in an interview for US Weekly. Normal to feel exhausted.

Because of her work, she is forced to move many hours a day. Dancing has been part of her life since she was little and, in addition to being a very important part of her shows, it is something she is passionate about and understands as a way to stay active. Although it is not the only activity with which your body takes care of it. Is very strict with training sessions, rare is the day that he does not exercise, mainly because he loves it.

So from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed, he moves. And drink a lot of fluids. Essentially water, because he doesn’t like falls or alcoholic beverages. And if we have seen her in her networks with a cup in her hand, it was not because she cannot start the day without her dose of caffeine, but because she does not stop hydrating inside so that her skin looks juicy on the outside. Although according to the singer, the explanation for the state of her skin is the fact that has never been a fan of sunbathing in excess.

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Olive oil, grapefruit … Jennifer Lopez’s best-kept beauty hacks