On a magazine cover, Anitta lowers her outfit and models her incredible figure

The famous brazilian singer, Anittahas once again become the subject of conversation on social networks, now for having appeared on the cover of an important magazine, fashionedition for his country of origin, in which he was in charge of modeling in an impressive way.

The popular young woman shared the photo through her Instagram official, as well as the magazine itself, very proud to have worked with her and to support each other, I cannot miss the opportunity of the figure to do it in the most intense way possible.

That was how the famous was covered with some white ribbons at the top and below a white skirt that ended up lowering from one of its ends, thus showing off those impressive curves who have fallen in love with their audience on several occasions, both on stage and in the publications that we can see of her on the Internet.

The interpreter He was sharing a bit of his experience with open relationships, writing a text in which he shares a bit of his experience with us.

“If the person makes me feel that way, I don’t care if they have had a relationship with another person. Don’t even tell me, do what you want and come back. If I still feel my beloved, dear, special, I don’t care what the person does when I’m not there. The last straw for me is exposing myself, harming my work, not supporting me, ”she shared inside the magazine.


Anitta / AFP

Anitta unexpectedly shares her great beauty for a magazine cover.

The photograph shared on the official Instagram of the magazine already has more than 400,000 likes, in it we could see, as we already said, an impressive figure that has helped him become popular all over the world, in addition to his representative dance that has also helped him. .

There is no doubt that Anitta is currently one of the most loved and liked artists, she has aroused passion among many of her fans and even among other artists who are already performing their own dance, almost the same or even better than her on some occasions.

The famous has also been in the headlines after having participated in the Coachella festival, where once again she surprised everyone present with the outfits that characterize her, uncovering some very interesting areas of her figure, totally attractive and unforgettable.

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On a magazine cover, Anitta lowers her outfit and models her incredible figure

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