On France 5, an investigation into the causes of chaos for ten years in Libya


It is the Libyans themselves who say it: Libya has many strengths. The sea, an immense desert, the mountains, but also water, gas, oil, gold and mineral mines … So much wealth that should allow its 6 million inhabitants to live in peace. but that many foreign powers intend to share, even if it means maintaining the chaos in which the country is sinking.

For ten years and the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the Libyan wars have killed 15,000 people and displaced 430,000 civilians. How did we get here ? Director Kamal Redouani provides a clear and documented answer in this gripping, revolting film, which looks like a war or spy film. Except that everything is true here.

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A great war reporter, specialist in the Middle East, Kamal Redouani has investigated at length and collected rare testimonies. From Mourad Makhlouf, president of the Kabawo region (South-West Libya), to Walid Ammar Al-Lafi, Minister of State of the Government of National Unity, via Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister for Foreign Affairs, who here justifies the successive positions taken by France.

“The countries around us do not want to leave us in peace”, sums up Emad Shanab, Libyan activist, who points to the many interference from Russia, Europe, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey … since the 2011 revolution, which ended the forty-two years of the Gaddafi dictatorship.

Battle of Tripoli

In 2014, the country is divided into two: Tripoli and Misrata to the west on one side; Benghazi to the east of the other. The film shows the rise of Khalifa Haftar, self-proclaimed head of the Eastern Army, a former colonel of the Gaddafi regime recruited by the CIA, who will build his army and stand as a bulwark against terrorism.

Among the episodes that will therefore mark Libyan history, some particularly stand out, such as the Battle of Tripoli, which began in April 2019, which will last 428 days and kill 2,000 people, or the revelations about the mercenaries of the private Russian company Wagner. and its methods of recruitment.

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It is still impossible to forget the unbearable scene of this group of children struck in their playground by a missile, killing 26 of them. The exclusive investigation will reveal that only four countries have purchased drones of the Chinese brand used (Wing Loong II) – Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – and only the latter also bought the missiles.

While France hosted, on November 12, an international conference on Libya, before the crucial presidential and legislative elections, scheduled for December 24 and the end of January 2022, the film does not fail to emphasize that the truce concluded at the beginning of year confirms a line of the border between East and West which follows the same line as ten years ago.

Libya. Disappearance of a State, de Kamal Redouani (Fr., 2021, 70 min).

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On France 5, an investigation into the causes of chaos for ten years in Libya