Pablo Alarcón’s harsh revelation, in tears: “At this age I need to earn money to live”

The actor said that his worst moment was in a pandemic and that thanks to his daughters he was able to get ahead

The actor Pablo Alarcon He reappeared on TV to talk about his career and the difficult moments he had to live through throughout his long career. The artist brought to the scene a difficult situation that he had to go through, and that his performance and fame saved his life during the harsh period of the dictatorship.

In a new edition of PH, we can talk, One of the great figures that was part of the program that is broadcast by Telefe was Pablo Alarcón. The actor went through all the stages during the transmission, but he broke down at the end, before moving to the table. It was at the moment that each guest hangs a photo with a request or confession.

In this opportunity, the 75-year-old actor who shines in theater, as one of the protagonists of the play broken in loveHe said that he works out of necessity. Although he stressed that he is passionate about the profession he develops, he is at a time when he would like to take sabbaticals to enjoy, for example, to be with her daughters, one of them in Miami, but she can’t.

“At my age, I must confess that I don’t need to work anymore. I need to earn money to live. During the pandemic I went through a critical moment of money and I entered, I’m not telling you, in a depression, because I don’t know that emotion, but it made me sad not knowing what to do, “he began by saying.

“My two lovely daughters helped me. I got home, I found a dinner, it was all very normal, and suddenly, they both looked at each other, and hugged me. Together we put together what kept me standing throughout quarantine. It’s about a show that I’m still doing, called the cook is friedI was fried at that moment, and thanks to my daughters I came out of that”.

Then he clarified what the work he does for delivery is like. “I go to your house, I cook, I serve food, I do a show, I play the harmonica…”, said the artist who is contacted by many people through his Instagram.

“I go to your house, I cook, I serve food, I do a show, I play the harmonica…”, said the actor

In another section of the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff on the Telefe screen, Pablo Alarcón revealed what saved him when Triple A went to look for him at his house. “Before Videla’s military coup, they come to my house looking for me. The Triple A, a group that had formed the Peronist government. I had made a film against violence and they were looking for my real name. My name is not Alarcón, my document says Marabotto”, he said.

“I go out with who was my wife, Monica Jouvet, sadly deceased, and I see two Ford Falcons stop at the door and I said ‘they’re coming for me, let’s go in’. Two minutes later five guys entered, they put me against the wall, they destroyed my house looking for the film, they put their paws on my back and my wife, ”she recalled.

“They were all armed and (he thought) ‘here they kill me, this is where everything ends’. We looked at each other, one of them kicks me, makes me stand against the wall and (says) ‘what’s your name? I gave him my stage name, Pablo Alarcón. The guy looks at me and says ‘aren’t you the one who works on the 9 soap opera?’”, he continued.

“’Uh by God, I was wrong, I can’t do anything to you, who are my wife’s idol, from the soap opera at three in the afternoon. And you are not the daughter of the fat one? Uh sorry, sign me an autograph’. The guy who came to kill me asked for an autograph. They kissed me on the cheek and left.” concluded.


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Pablo Alarcón’s harsh revelation, in tears: “At this age I need to earn money to live”

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