Pablo Montero denied appearing drunk at recordings of “The Last King”

The singer is involved in the controversy for participating in the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández. (Photo: EFE/Francisco Guasco/File)

Pablo Montero broke the silence around the rumors that monopolized the spotlight for a few days. And it is that the protagonist of the unauthorized series by Vicente Fernández He was accused of going to a call while intoxicated, breaking into a party without prior invitation and having tried to forcefully kiss Iliana Fox and Sara Corrales. After what happened, the Mexican artist shared his version of the events.

During a phone call with the entertainment journalist, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, which was broadcast live for the program First handthe actor lashed out at speculation that casts doubt on his professionalism when has tried to stay away from the scandal despite the controversies that revolve around The last king and its relationship with Fernandez dynasty.

Without going into details, the interpreter of the Mexican regional said that a few days ago he was working when he received an invitation from the Osorio family to attend a small meeting attended by part of the cast of the bioseries of Televisa Univision. Without thinking twice, he showed up at the place and, in addition to eating, he lived with his companions.

“I came from a call. Emilio Osorio spoke to me, the son of Juan [productor de la bioserie], and he told me: ‘Come here now because we are waiting for you’. So I threw myself into the food and I got to eat. After everything that happened Juan asked us to stop by to take a photo and that’s it.but they talk a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with it”, he commented.

In this way, the actor of melodramas hinted that the accusations against him are false. He also took advantage of the space to deny the rumor that points forcefully kissed Iliana Fox, who in the series plays María del Refugio Abarcabetter known as Mrs. Cuquitawidow of Charro from Huentitan.

“Many slanders and lies that are not true. I was never close to Iliana Foxnot at all, she was at her table and I was at mine, that is, nothing to do, “he said.

(Photo: ilianafoxoficial/Instagram)
(Photo: ilianafoxoficial/Instagram)

In the same way, Pablo Montero commented that he did not try to kiss Sara Corrales either and is so sure of what happened that he even invited the entertainment journalist to contact the Colombian actress to ask her what happened: “It’s a slander, he’s a super respectful person and you know how I am with people”.

Finally, he mentioned that proof that he was not drunk are the songs he recorded after the party: “You hear the voice in the songs, then there’s the answer”.

Thus, the interpreter My little gold pinch ended the speculation that circulated a couple of days ago after the magazine TV Notes published an interview with a supposed person from the production staff headed by Juan Osorio who would have told the details of the recordings, the party and the attempted kisses.

Pablo Montero is still in the media eye due to his stellar participation in El Último Rey (Photo: @pablomoficial/Instagram)
Pablo Montero is still in the media eye due to his stellar participation in El Último Rey (Photo: @pablomoficial/Instagram)

On the other hand, Pablo Montero is still in the media eye due to his stellar participation in The Last King: The Son of the People and it transpired that the family of the deceased Mexican idol would have vetoed it considering as “betrayal” his collaboration in a series that was not authorized by the singer before his unfortunate passing in December 2021.

“No, it is that the truth is that it is not trueI don’t know where that information came from, but I am in many cities advertising and in different palenques, not just in Mexico, but in the United States and South America, but the truth is that that is not true and well, I think it is something that had to be clarified because it is not true, it is not true, ”said the actor in conversation with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


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Pablo Montero denied appearing drunk at recordings of “The Last King”

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