Paparazzi captures Dua Lipa without a bra on the street: the dress was very open and transparent from above

Paparazzi caught Dua Lipa on the streets of Berlin, Germany. And in addition to managing to see her very relaxed, she also obtained images in which the singer appears without a bra, while wearing a highly low-cut dress that left her breasts visible, and this piece, on the chest, was also extremely transparent.

Dua Lipa surprises her fans by the c

Recently, according to Showbiz, Dua Lipa spoke about bullying in her life. And it is that he does not forget that, in 2018, he became the laughing stock of social networks on account of a funny choreography, although what could have been a mere dynamic of healthy jokes quickly became a strategy of harassment and demolition against the artist by the most heartless Internet users.

The interpreter has wanted to remember that experience during her last interview with Jimmy Fallon, precisely because now she has wanted to recover those dance steps for her new world tour. For the British interpreter, this gesture has helped her to redeem herself from the nightmare she lived through and to “reclaim” that controversy as a source of strength and improvement.

“The reason we’re talking about this is because I’ve brought that dance back myself. I’m doing it on my tour. I want to claim the experience because at the time it caused me a lot of pain. They bullied me online. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can look back with a different perspective. Those hits have made me a better artist, ”she assured when she was on the NBC network’s ‘Tonight Show’.

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Despite their age difference, Elton John has established a close friendship with Dua Lipa since they collaborated on a new version of the single ‘Cold Heart’ and that largely explains why the musician felt comfortable enough to open up to her. about a very personal episode from his past, as Showbiz also highlighted.

In 2009, before becoming a father, Elton traveled to Ukraine with her husband David Furnish as part of the humanitarian work they carry out through different organizations and had the opportunity to meet a 14-month-old orphan named Lev, with whom he felt an instant connection. The boy was a carrier of the HIV virus and lived in one of the orphanages he came to visit.

“I spent hours carrying him everywhere. At the end of the day we offered a press conference and they told me: ‘It seems that you have become very fond of him. Would you like to adopt him?’ And I said, ‘Actually, I would like to do it.’” Elton explained to his friend on the ‘Dua Lipa: At Your Service’ podcast.

Sadly the story did not have a happy ending: “Since I was gay, I wasn’t allowed to do it.“, Elton has revealed, referring to the country’s adoption laws that were in force at that time for same-sex couples. That experience, however, ended up changing his future forever because it made him rethink if he really had given up fatherhood forever.

“After all that happened, David said to me, ‘Well, what do you think about the possibility of having children?‘. He had always told him no, but that boy was sending me a message. David encouraged me saying that he could be a father, and that’s when we decided to have our children, all thanks to that boy from the Ukraine”.

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Paparazzi captures Dua Lipa without a bra on the street: the dress was very open and transparent from above

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