Paulo Londra would have prevented contact between his daughter and her ex, and the police had to intervene

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno

How sad, they do not know the anguish and impotence that it feels to want to see your daughter and that they deny you. It is desperate to know that you are not with the right person. That what was agreed upon, what was signed, is not fulfilled, for which we fought for so many months… It hurts”wrote on Saturday Rocio Morenoformer of Paul London and mother of her two daughters, Isabella and Francesca on her social networks, without giving further details about what happened.

The young woman and the musician separated last year and in May of this year after several back and forth finally signed an agreement that covers several points, including the economic compensation, since she left her studies to accompany him; food quota and “everything the girls need”house and a communication system so that he can have contact with his daughters of one year and eleven months and four months.

Rocio Moreno's post
Rocio Moreno’s post

It was precisely within the framework of said agreement that, as he was able to teleshow the ragpicker, who has just confirmed his relationship with Martina, a former schoolmate, He is from last Thursday and until the next, in his “holiday week” with his eldest daughter. However, as Moreno had advanced in his networks, the musician would have breached one of the signed conditions and the girl’s mother would have been unable to see and talk to the minor and even the police had to intervene.

According to one of the points of the “mega agreement” that they themselves signed a little less than two months ago, both must guarantee the communication of their daughters when they are with the other, something that, as this site could find out, would not have happened since last week, after Isabella went to spend her week with her father, Rocío wanted to contact her and could not. Meanwhile, Londra was not with the little girl – the agreement would specify that the little girls have to be with him and if not, he should take them back to the mother, not leave them in the care of third parties – that’s why she wrote “It is desperate to know that he is not with the right person.

Rocío and Paulo a year ago, on their eldest daughter's birthday
Rocío and Paulo a year ago, on their eldest daughter’s birthday

Moreno tried to communicate with her former in-laws, who would be watching over the little girl at that time, but they did not let her talk to her daughter, but instead asked her to contact them through their lawyers. Without the possibility of talking to the almost two-year-old girl, Rocío went to the house of the ragpicker’s parents, who would have insisted on not letting her see her daughter. It was then that The police had to intervene, after the young woman made the complaint.

Finally that night Paulo returned to his home where he lives with his parents, the girl was there and Rocío was able to talk to her. Until Thursday, as agreed, The singer will be with his daughter in charge and whenever Moreno requires it, he must allow communication between them. HE will spend only with the oldest of the girls this week and not with the little one because that is what he and his ex decided, since Francesca still drinks breast milk and has almost no bond with her dad, whom she would have seen very few times.

Meanwhile, Rocio and the little girls continue to live in the house they lived with Londra, on the same land as that of her former in-laws, since the property that he will put in her name so that she can live with the girls, also as part of the agreement , will be written only in August.

Neither party spoke on the matter, although relatives assure that it is not the first time that the communication regime has been breached when he is in charge of Isabella and with the established schedules to pick up his daughter or take her to her mother’s.

Days after both parties signed the aforementioned agreement and things were somehow settled between them, Londra had no qualms about show himself publicly with his new girlfriend, Martina, 24, who shared several photos of him on her social networks and even the new clips of the Cordovan.

Paul and Rocio they began their relationship in 2015 when they were finishing high school, then she went to another city to study Veterinary Science while he made his way in the world of music. In 2019 decided to want to be with her He bought a house (a large piece of land with two buildings, one for him and the other for his parents) and, despite their young age, proposed that they move in together. It was then that she left college and began living together, which was crowned the following year with the arrival of her firstborn. Last year, while she was going through her second pregnancy, they went into crisis.

As Moreno told teleshowhe began to go out and not sleep at home, leaving her alone for prenatal check-ups and caring for her daughter. “I do not choose to live like this, neither for myself, nor for my daughters. Today I have feelings of anger and anguish… I am an explosion of feelings. I don’t know if I’m interested in having that talk (pending since they never formally cut off their relationship); surely we will have it: Today I say, for what? But we’re going to have to have it for the good of the girls. We are linked by a relationship for life, but there is no longer us”, she said disappointed.


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Paulo Londra would have prevented contact between his daughter and her ex, and the police had to intervene

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