Piqué does not want to pay the expenses of Shakira and her children’s house, according to a Spanish journalist

Jordi Martín, the Spanish journalist who uncovered the romance between Gerard Pique and Cara Chia Marti was linked LIVE with Amor y Fuego to talk about the past and current relationship between the Spanish soccer player and Shakirawho ended their relationship after twelve years of being together.

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According to the paparazzi, the Barcelona player would be refusing to pay the daily expenses of the house where the Colombian singer and her two children, Milan and Shasha, live. “I am saying, confirming and corroborating that Piqué, to this day, is refusing to pay the daily expenses of the house… this comes to me from Shakira’s environment “narrowed down

He also indicated that the property is divided and that Piqué’s parents have their own water, electricity and gas bills, the same ones that Shakira does not get. “He is refusing to pay the expenses of the family home where Shakira and her children reside,” clarified.

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On the other hand, Jordi Martin assured that Gerald Piqué has an image for the world of a ‘tall, handsome soccer player, from Barcelona, ​​successful, winner of the World Cup with Spain’, but his reality is different. “We know he’s a bratty, stupid, conceited kid… he’s a kid who goes to a booth in a nightclub and takes the ice cubes and throws them on the floor, and if he hits somebody in the head, he’s gone. laugh. That is Gerard Piqué”, assured.


COULD NOT MISS THE MAGAZINE. Magaly Medina added to the criticism it has been receiving Clara Chia Martithe new girlfriend of Gerard Piqué why he changed to Shakira. The host of Magaly Tv La Firme regretted that the young woman of only 23 years had been so untidy at the wedding in which she was caught with the footballer.

“She in a dress that looked like a rag to go to the beach, with damaged hair, without treatment. She’s an ugly version of Shakira. On top of that, you could see a little belly that the Spanish media seem to want to imply that she was pregnant, but well, surely the girl has eaten a lot of paella. But look at those unkempt hairs, it’s nothing from the other Thursday “limited the redhead.

He also stressed that Piqué is very much in love with his new conquest, whom he described as a “younger Shakira and without makeup.”

Magaly Medina also highlighted that the world press has censored the attitude of Pique and, on the contrary, they sympathize with Shakira. “She was the only blind, deaf and dumb one, I must add, who never realized or did not want to realize the poison that was next to her. A poison that also cheated on her whenever she could and she forgave, a poison that was suddenly blinded by the light and brightness that she emanated, a successful woman, a winner, who never wanted to leave her career for love, despite the fact that he has a very good economic stability”commented the magpie.

Finally, the television host congratulated the Colombian for never having abandoned her own work path and considered that if she had, she would now be paying for the broken dishes, “abandoned and without a career.”


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Piqué does not want to pay the expenses of Shakira and her children’s house, according to a Spanish journalist

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