Possible separation between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett: a millionaire divorce

Almost a month after the controversy starring Will Smith at the Oscars, when he slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage, The actor’s marriage to actress Jada Pinkett Smith could be headed for divorce.

The heated incident seems to have increased the differences in the couple. Heat Magazine and other media point out that, since the Hollywood Academy Awards scandal, “the tensions between them have been notable.”

Some point out that “there were problems between them for years, but now they hardly speak.” If separated, Pinkett Smith would be entitled, based on California law, to half of the actor’s fortune, which would exceed 350 million dollars.. “It could be one of the most tense divorces in the history of entertainment and could drag on longer than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt,” they added.

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The source also revealed that Will Smith would not want to separate from his wife. It should be remembered that, after what happened at the Oscars, the actor issued an official apology to the victim of his assault and stated that the joke about his wife’s shaved head had been difficult for him to digest.

Just a few weeks after the unfortunate event, An old clip from 2018 of Red Table Talk, the family show directed by Jada Pinkett, circulated on social media, in which the actress mentioned having cried on the night of her wedding and revealed that she did not want to get married. “They forced me and it was horrible”, she assured her then at the round table, with her husband present.

The interpreter confessed to having “cried all the way to the altar” and spoke of immense pressure to marry the protagonist of King Richard. “She was under a lot of pressure, she was a young actress, she was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do, but I never wanted to get married,” confirmed Pinkett Smith, who at that time was sweetly expecting her first child, Jaden.

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After these testimonies came to light, other accounts of Jada also resurfaced. In another broadcast of his program, the actress said that she had been addicted to pornography and warned about this pathology.

“What I was doing was unhealthy, I had a relationship with pornography that was not good for me, I have come to consume it five times a day,” he revealed at the time, and provided details about how the period of his life in which he was led her to what she considers, in retrospect, an “addiction”, a term that she says she does not use “lightly”.

Pinkett, before marrying Smith, was going through a complex stage, in which she used drugs of all kinds and had compulsive sexual relations.. Therefore, she tried to curb those addictions with porn. “I wanted to practice abstinence, and that led me to establish an unhealthy relationship with what I was looking at, I felt empty,” she declared in 2019 on her show.

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Likewise, Jada asserted that when her daughter Willow turned 11, she had a frank talk with her about the danger of consuming this kind of material. “We are very open in our family, we like to put all the topics on the table,” she added, explaining that the Smiths believe that for ties to be strengthened, you have to be honest in communication. “It’s the only possible way,” remarked Jada, who He even confessed to Will that he had been unfaithful to him with August Alsina, a friend of his son: “There are no secrets between us,” he stressed.

In another Red Table Talk broadcast, Smith recalled how “devastated” he felt that Jada turned down a lavish birthday party he had thrown for her. “The day after her 34th birthday, I was already hiring a crew to orchestrate her 40th″ celebration, Smith said in 2018 about what happened in 2011.

“I hired a documentary team, it was going to be my great declaration of love, it was going to be what took her out of her midlife crisis, it was going to be spectacular, something very deep,” added the actor, who hired the actress and singer Mary J. Blige for the party, although Pinkett had told her she wanted to do “something intimate.”

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When the celebration was held the same way, the actress was furious and told her husband that he was self-centered. “She told me that what I did was a ridiculous display of my ego, and that broke me, I’m still devastated because she was right, it wasn’t a party for her,” the actor acknowledged, adding: “That was a very low point in our relationship ”.


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Possible separation between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett: a millionaire divorce

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