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Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son Isabel II, 96 years old, he should inherit the throne in case she is incapacitated or dies.

Currently, the Prince carlos he is first in line to the British throne. He and Camilla, who will become queenwill remain at the head of the royal family once the queen decides to abdicate or, due to her advanced age, cannot fulfill her duties as head of the royal family on the British throne.

Elizabeth II was replaced on Tuesday by Prince Charles in the highly symbolic “throne speech”, a “historic moment” in what is seen as the progressive transition of an aging queen determined not to abdicate in favor of her heir.

The monarch usually opens each new parliamentary session by reading the legislative program drawn up by the government for the coming year.

Prince of Wales

Carlos was educated to become the next regent of his country, and from a very young age he began to make public appearances and have responsibilities for when the day comes when he must assume the crown.

Britain’s Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, reacts after reading the Queen’s Speech as he holds it in his hands in the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament at the Houses of Parliament in London on March 10. May 2022. Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP) Photo: AFP

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned when she was just 25 years old, when her father, King George VI, died unexpectedly at the age of 73, and now she has become the monarch with one of the longest reigns in history.

However, the situation of Carlos is very different, at 73 years old, when he becomes king, he will become the oldest British monarch to take the throne.

When will Prince Charles be king?

The first thing that can happen is that it becomes Prince Regent, what would happen in the event that the queen becomes incapacitated and unable to fulfill her many duties and responsibilities. Although Isabel would keep her title, it would be Prince Charles who carried out most of the royal activities. Another situation would be if the queen dies, at which point Charles would become king.

Maybe his name is not King Carlos

In royalty, the name Carlos has a bad history. The first two kings named Charles were connected with the English Civil War. At that time, Charles I was beheaded.

Also, it’s rare for monarchs to keep their real name once they take the throne, so it’s possible that Charles will end up choosing a new name when he gets to the throne.

His son, Carlos II, lived in exile until he was crowned king of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1661. He was popular and was nicknamed “the merry monarch”, changing the laws introduced by Oliver Cromwell and allowing people more freedom to enjoy themselves.

Prince Charles, whose full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, could choose Philip, Arthur or George as his “reign” name, like his predecessors who used their middle, third or fourth names. (AND)

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Prince Charles of England, closer to becoming the oldest king who could access the throne | People | Entertainment

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