Prince Harry reappears in a new photo for Father’s Day

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to grab the headlines despite not having public appearances, Prince Harry remains focused on what he promised to work on during the summer, the polo season to donate the proceeds to charity. This is how with his team Los Padres has had different competitions in recent months and it is precisely where the Sussexes have been seen more regularly. While your long awaited trip to UK for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee it was much shorter than previously thought, they have been seen on the pitch every weekend. Prince Harry on horseback racing his friends while Meghan usually accompanies him to support him from the side of the field with acquaintances of the couple. It was precisely in the midst of this environment that Prince Harry returned to social networks, not through his own profile – which he has assured that he does not intend to have again, for the moment – but in that of Nacho Figueras, his great friend and well-known Argentine polo player.



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Although it has recently been through the profile of Nacho and his wife, Delphina Blaquier, that more of the Sussexes have been seen, this time the publication of the athlete and model had a very special reason behind it. “Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of Los Padres (the polo team),” he wrote in a play on words, referring to the squad they have formed in California for charity.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that Nacho has made reference to the Prince with whom he has a friendship that goes back several years thanks to their passion for polo. A couple of weeks ago, taking up an image in which the two are seen smiling broadly, Nacho wrote: “What a joy to see you smile and be so happy. I love being your teammate.”


For a few weeks, when they announced the formation of their team for charity, Nacho shared his happiness at meeting Harry again on the playing field. “Excited to ride alongside my friend, Prince Harry, and the rest of the Los Padres team at the Santa Barbara Polo Club for the Harry East Memorial Tournament. We have ridden together many times over the years and now that we are both parents it is even more special to be able to spend this time together. The name Los Padres is inspired by the course’s proximity to the Los Padres National Forest and also by our connection as dads,” he wrote alongside an image of them sharing knowing glances as they posed with the rest of the team.

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Far from the glamor that she usually presents when she has a public appearance, when accompanying Prince Harry to the polo, the Duchess of Sussex is more casual than ever. Taking advantage of the high temperatures in California right now, Bermuda shorts and shorts have become Meghan’s allies. It’s not uncommon to see her on the sidelines, either with Delphina or with other friends, as on the occasion David Foster and his wife Katherine McPhee (who studied with Meghan) were with her during one of Harry’s matches.

In one of his most recent appearances, he was seen in a total denim look in high-waisted shorts by Doen, combined with a denim blouse and sandals by Emme Parsons, the finishing touch was his Valentino sunglasses.


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Prince Harry reappears in a new photo for Father’s Day

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