Professor Didier Raoult summoned by his peers: this may be a detail for you …

Recall the order

He said he wouldn’t come, obviously he did. Always on the wrong foot, never where one expects him, Didier Raoult was in Bordeaux, on November 5, to respond to the convocation of the disciplinary chamber of the order of physicians. Welcomed by his fans and some journalists, he faced, for nearly three hours, the accusations of eight doctors and an administrative magistrate rather reassembled: nine violations of the code of ethics, including that of having promoted hydroxychloroquine in the fight against Covid-19, are in fact held against the professor.

Velvet placket

For the occasion, Didier Raoult had the good idea to warm up warmly. In addition to his surgical mask, he wore a plaid shirt, a green woolen sweater and a brown corduroy jacket.

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Adorned with leather patches on the elbows and also leather buttons, it also featured what experts call a throat latch, or a fabric tab allowing the collar to be folded up and buttoned, to better protect the throat. Not stupid to face the storm.


In a much less judicious way, the teacher Marseillais had a black felt in the breast pocket of the jacket. However, all the laundry bosses will be able to bear witness to this with fear, the ink leaks from pens stuck in the breast pockets of jackets or shirts are one of the greatest dramas of male elegance.

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Flashy watch

Summoned at 9:30 am, Didier Raoult also wore his favorite watch in Bordeaux. In this case a red and white Swatch, allowing us to recall that the brand’s watches, created in 1983 in order to respond to the crisis in Swiss watchmaking in the face of the emergence of Japanese competition, are as explosive as the professor (the Swatch are famous for their colorful design), but that they are infinitely more reliable than him (the Swatches never get the wrong time).

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Roman inspiration

Didier Raoult’s little rocker ring? No, it’s better than that. This silver skull is indeed, according to the professor, a memento mori (“Remember you are going to die”, in Latin), be a reminder, inspired by Roman tradition, that we are only passing through on Earth and that death is never far away. In this case, Professor Raoult risks nothing less than final radiation. Verdict on December 3.

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Professor Didier Raoult summoned by his peers: this may be a detail for you …