R. Kelly’s sinister story with teenage singer Aaliyah: pedophilia, illegal marriage and accidental death


The singer has just been sentenced to three decades in prison for exploiting minors. In 1994, he illegally married Aaliyah, a 15-year-old music star who died in a plane crash in 2001.

R. Kelly in 2022, after being convicted. Aaliyah, in 2001, died shortly after.AP/ GTRES

Last Wednesday, June 29, singer Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R.Kellywas sentenced to 30 years in prison for a crime of sexual exploitation of minors. The artist, very popular in the 90s thanks to successes of the R&B genre such as I believe I can fly or Ignition (Remix), has been accused of organizing a trafficking network of teenage girls for decades. All with the help of security guards, managers and other people on his team linked to this plot.

A New York jury has forced the musician and composer, 55 years old, to answer for the crimes that he has been perpetrating since he rose to stardom. Dozens of women from different states have testified for this verdict. However, one of them could not be present. Although his case was mentioned and taken into consideration. Is about Aaliyaha young artist who was another victim of R. Kelly’s abuse.

During the six weeks that the trial lasted, evidence was brought to light that R. Kelly illegally obtained a series of documents to marry the singer of Aaliyah, who in 1994 was only 15 years old and was in a relationship with the singer, who was 27. In 2001, the singer died in a plane crash. Reason for which he has not been able to testify against him like other young women who have lived to tell about it.

R. Kelly R&B singer and songwriter, in 2013
R. Kelly, R&B singer and songwriter, in 2013

Aaliyah, music and innocence

Born in Brooklyn in 1979, Aaliyah Dana Haughton grew up in a poor neighborhood in Detroit. From a very young age he began to stand out on a musical level, which is why his parents, Michael and Diane HaughtonThey decided to tap into their talent at the young age of five. During his childhood, he participated in musicals and on television or radio programs. His uncle, Barry Hankerson, will be during these years his producer and the promoter of his career. At just 12 years old, the record companyBlackground Records offer you a contract.

Aaliyah, singer popular in the late 1990s, in 2001
Aaliyah, singer popular in the late 1990s, in 2001GTRES

It is at this time that he meets R. Kelly, a regular at the studios of this label with whom he released his first album three years later. titled ge Ain’t Nothing But at Number and signed by Aaliyah together with the singer in 1994, this CD will sell over a million copies worldwide. It is at this moment that the artist becomes a star emerging and in grass for the press. That he began to romantically relate the young woman to Kelly, who already had world fame.

The rumors turned out to be true. The singer, almost 30 years old, had a courtship with the artist New York and that same year they were secretly married in a hotel room in Illinois. It was a summer day, August 31, and the singer had just turned 15. But the musician was so obsessed with the young woman, from a traditional family, that he had to startr a series of administrative tricks to falsify some papers and thus be able to marry her.

two of the v
Two of R. Kelly’s victims speaking to the pressAFP

illegal marriage

Although R. Kelly has always denied having had sexual relations with Aaliyah on her illicit wedding night, the prosecution has stated that there are testimonies that give another version. The artist, shortly after consummating his illegal marriage in that hotel room, fear that the teenager had become pregnant. In September 2021, at the beginning of the trial against the artist, Pastor Nathan Edmond assured that it was he who officiated the marriage prior confidentiality agreement with the musician.

Shortly thereafter, it was shown that R. Kelly paid a state official at the time to falsify those papers, granting Aaliyah a false majority. According to a young woman who had a relationship with the artist when she was underage, Kelly even confessed that she married the fifteen-year-old star to be her legal guardian and that she could interrupt her pregnancy. The witness, a young aspiring singer who, like others, had a relationship with him when he was a minor, also says that the musician forced her to have an abortion after having unprotected sex with her.

the bird
The plane in which the singer Aaliyah died in 2001GTRES

“Divorce”, death and punishment

The marriage between Aaliyah and R. Kelly was declared illegal in that same year. Faced with the social scandal and at the request of her parents, heThe artist moved away from the singer to start a career in Europe. In 1996 he published his second album One in a Million and collaborated with musicians of the stature of Justin Timberlake. In the year 2000, being of legal age and an artist recognized throughout the world, began a relationship with American music producer Dame Dash. Eight years older than her.

However, the happiness for what he had achieved did not last long. In the year 2001, Aaliyah died in a plane crash in the Bahamas. The artist had just finished shooting a video clip for her new album and decided to fly to Miami in a small plane from the company Blackhawk International Airways. the airplane crashed into some bushes during takeoff. She and all her crew members, who were part of the recording team, died on the spot or shortly after.

Throughout these years, Aaliyah has sold more than 52 million albums worldwide. While his attacker, R. Kelly, has reached the figure of 100 million records and has also won several awards as a musician. Decades later, closer to his punishment than new rewards, he must assume a sentence that will keep him in prison for years to come. In the meantime, he will remain under surveillance 24 hours a day. The team of prison psychologists has decreed that there is a risk of suicide. Meanwhile, his lawyers denounce jail for 100 million dollars because of this surveillance.

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R. Kelly’s sinister story with teenage singer Aaliyah: pedophilia, illegal marriage and accidental death

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