Raiz and Lucariello together for the EP “Napoli C.le / Düsseldorf” containing “Aria”, a song that opens the final season of Gomorra

Lucariello e Source are ready to release a 6 track EP, Naples C.le / Düsseldorf, which among other things will contain the song Aria, song that will accompany the first scene of the last season of Gomorrah departing on November 19 its Sky.

The collaboration between Lucariello e Source born from the proud love that both artists express in a natural way for the code of the drama: on the one hand abused, on the other hand crucified with hasty comments, on another condemned to a dangerous drift.

Starting with this awareness, the two Neapolitan interpreters, flanked by the producers D-Ross e Star-T-Uffo, have developed a series of frescoes with which they illustrate borderline metropolitan stories: stories of daughters, portraits of fathers, diaries of very young people, private notes of fugitives, chronicles of former criminals who save themselves by becoming barbers and that fate brings back to kill their own similar.

Yet this is not an album dedicated to the Camorra. After all, it is enough to understand that every human being – before being a possible figure of any clan – is a person who feels emotions and performs actions.

Naples C.le / Düsseldorf it ranges between explicit dynamics and intimist interpretations. A double track on which the autonomous experiences of Source e Lucariello.

If the first sings with an open heart and a relaxed voice, the voice of the second is a missile aimed at the lungs. The symbiosis is created by alternating a popular and a sophisticated approach, which are summed up in a street attitude and which are regenerated by wading into the rock-rap, electrofunk and blues trends.

Because after all it is the drama itself that is our blues

the two artists reiterate and then continue …

There is in both a strong fascination for the register of the dramatization. We know that, for anyone born in Naples, when Zappatore’s final moment arrives – a historical drama based on the text of the homonymous song signed by Libero Bovio and Ferdinando Albano, which has become emblematic in Mario Merola’s tivvù interpretation – you let yourself go to a tear.

It is stronger than any intellectual impulse. This is certainly a potential starting point for our ep. There was also a discussion with Rosario Castagnola (D-Ross) and Sarah (Star-T-Uffo), on this issue. Compared to that world there, it must be specified however, we have also approached it with a measured dose of irony.

For example in ‘Ammèn’, which tells of a singular relationship between father and daughter. And yet at this juncture you go to touch the soul of the monster, mixing human sensitivity and anthropology to go beyond easy appearances. To deal with the so-called dirt, you have to get inside. You cannot observe it from a distance.

If we want, all this confirms the distance from current sound worlds which, at first glance, could be perceived close to ours and yet are not. You want it because our artistic and human stories are not, or because our biographies already tell something else

Raiz and Lucariello: Napoli C.le / Düsseldorf track by track

This is the tracklist of the EP:

  1. Amen
  2. Aria
  3. Money with a shovel
  4. Barbieri
  5. Edenlandia
  6. Naples C.le / Düsseldorf

Amen [3’19”]

A fugitive boss, who financed his daughter’s studies in Switzerland with illicit proceeds, regrets the fact that he cannot give her the blessing on the day she marries a boy from a good family, whom she met at the university.

Aria [3’11”]

In the small space of a cell, a young prisoner measures the time that separates him from the expected freedom. Outside, simple things await him: friends, the girl, the carefree ride on a moped under the summer sun.

Money with a shovel [2’41”]

The good night of a group of “guagliune ‘e miezo’ a via” that invades – and upsets with the security of impunity – a restaurant in the center frequented by the so-called Napoli-bene. With a fragment-quotation in filigree a Black Athena of the epic Almamegretta.

Barbieri [4’13”]

Two brothers – multi-prejudiced members of a clan – choose to take up the profession of barbers and thus get out of the underworld. Then the rape suffered by their own sister, late transversal revenge exercised by old enemies, drags them back into the maelstrom of crime.

Edenlandia [2’27”]

The regret of a son for not having had the guidance and protection of his father, who died prematurely, takes shape in the memory of a Sunday spent among the attractions of Edenlandia, the oldest amusement theme park in Europe built in 1965 in the neighborhood Fuorigrotta in Naples.

Naples C.le – Düsseldorf [3’56”]

The life between Italy and Germany of a Neapolitan emigrant. Nostalgia for home and cultural distance, yesterday as today, represent the suffering of those who leave their country to change a future otherwise doomed to poverty. RSVP Neapolitan tears from Libero Bovio / Francesco Buongiovanni.

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Raiz and Lucariello together for the EP “Napoli C.le / Düsseldorf” containing “Aria”, a song that opens the final season of Gomorra