Raúl Araiza criticized Jorge ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin for his way of dressing: “You’re worth madr * the physique”

Raúl Araiza criticized “El Burro” Van Rankin

On Air Members has stood out as the program that provided a space for various male celebrities to touch on issues and aspects that interest women, where they even give advice to those already mentioned, from the point of view of men.

But not everything is rosy, because the controversies between the drivers are the order of the day. Such was the case with Raul Araiza Y Jorge Donkey Van Rankinwho were currently involved in a controversy.

It was in the most recent broadcast of the program, where the talk, in which he was Martha Figueroaleaned to level of excesses and fun that celebrities have had during their career. Therefore, all those present confirmed that Donkeyis the one who ventured the most into the world of parties.

After these statements,Raul The black Araiza criticized Jorge Van Rankindue to the above, since he considered that the protagonist of 40 and 20 He deteriorated too much thanks to his life of excesses, so his appearance and even his way of dressing is indifferent to him:

These are some of the drivers "members on air" (Photo: Instagram/@miembrosalairetv)
These are some of the hosts of “Membres al aire” (Photo: Instagram/@miembrosalairetv)

“I think Burritothat because of how wild* you’ve been, I think you’ve had a lot of fun*, you have been very valemadrist *. You’re worth madr * the physique, fashion, dressing”, highlighted Araiza.

So, listening to Raúl’s words, Jorge quickly reacted annoyed in front of the camerasand confessed that he is not “worth it madr *”, but that his economy does not contribute to make that aspect relevant in his life:

“It’s not that I’m stupid for fashion, it’s that I don’t have a ticket”Van Rankin revealed.

Secondly, Yordi Rosado the moment lit up more, when he stood out, between laughs, than the comment of the host of the morning Todaywas not the most successful: “When a compliment ends up being the worst in the world”, Yordi mentioned.

Raúl Araiza is also part of the drivers of "Today"(Photo: Instagram/@negroaraiza)
Raúl Araiza is also part of the hosts of “Hoy” (Photo: Instagram/@negroaraiza)

Nevertheless, Van Rankin assured that his fashion sense is not the bestfor which he confirmed that: “Yes, I dress in the cul*”.

Although Raúl sought to calm the waters, After judging the appearance of his partner, he was unsuccessful, so he added that, most of the time, artists in the medium always seek his company (From Jorge Van Rankin):

“Everyone wants to be with Donkeywe are all witnesses (they say) ‘Where is the donkey?‘, no matter the level of politician”, Raúl limited, after noticing that Jorge felt attacked by his statements.

What Donkeyadded to Araiza’s previous statement that his way of dressing is not relevant either for people to want to be with him: “And it doesn’t matter how the pinch * naco arrives dressed, but it’s cool”, added the actor referring to himself.

The program has had various guests throughout its broadcasts
The program has had various guests throughout its broadcasts

But not everything ended there, but Paul Stanley, as a way of confirming what Raúl mentioned at the beginningremarked that Jorge had not worn new shoes for quite some time:

How long has it been since you saw some new tennis shoes, that he just bought, the bastard?”, was the question, as a mockery of Stanley.

Thus, Donkey He got angry again and answered his classmates with a phrase, which he considered very accurate for that moment: “Ah, they’re making funLook, now I understand this sentence that I uploaded so you can see that it’s true, you sons of bitches. See ‘Stop sitting at the table where they speak ill of others, because when you get up, you will be the subject’”, he said reading his cell phone.

Finally, Yordi wanted to finish the bickering by confirming that Jorge Donkey, yes, he is an indispensable person in the meetings, for which he added that he is the famous one, of those who were in the broadcast, who likes the party more.

Paul Stanley made fun of Jorge's shoes Photos: IG @paulstanleyd @burrovan
Paul Stanley made fun of Jorge’s shoes Photos: IG @paulstanleyd @burrovan


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Raúl Araiza criticized Jorge ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin for his way of dressing: “You’re worth madr * the physique”

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