Raúl Araiza’s daughter confesses to having been “superhomophobic” with herself in the past

Camila Araiza was homophobic with herself at some point in her life, as she revealed four days after having openly declared herself part of the LGBT+ community and of introduce your girlfriendCamila Solórzano Arouesty.

It was during the June 30 edition of her podcast, ‘Piel canela’, which she has together with her partner, that daughter of Raul Araiza He explained why until now he specified his sexual orientation.

“Why, at the age of 25, did I define this? I think there are many people who believe: ‘well, then your whole life you were locked up’. But it’s like, ‘no dude’. I do believe that the sexual spectrum is gradual, it changes, you need different things, you discover different things, ”she said.

“At some point, and I dare say, that I was super homophobic with myself, that, directly if I had an indecent thought with another woman it was like, ‘no, my God, please take it away from me, I don’t want to be gay, this is not It can happen,'” he said.

Camila Araiza identifies as demisexual

Camila Araiza, who says she grew up in a “mega-Catholic Mexico”, where in some “schools they told you that you are going to hell, this is a mortal sin”, also announced that she accepted her sexual orientation after work on understanding yourself and other people.

“When this came to me it was at a time when I had already fully opened up to my spirituality, and I do want to make it very clear how this epiphany came to me: it was this issue of constantly working with myself and with my soul, and also with that of others,” he shared.

Araiza explained that, although he had not defined himself for a long time “because he did not see it necessary” and he does not like it, “at some point” he understood “that on this planet it is necessary to define yourself to have a community” that understands you.

Raúl Araiza’s daughter clarified that she is not a lesbian or bisexual, but rather identifies as demisexual: “I don’t see the body, if I connect directly, intellectually, energetically, there may be an attraction,” she explained.

According to the definition of the Alliance Against the Defamation of Gays and Lesbians, GLAAD, a person who identifies as demisexual “is not attracted to an individual until a significant emotional attachment is formed.”

In this candid talk, the 25-year-old also stated her beliefs about reincarnation.

“I fully believe that I have reincarnated as a man, as a woman, in everything that is possible, because I am simply trying to experience existence in different ways, therefore, other people too, and when I understood this topic of ‘there is no separation, we are all the same’, it was easier, then I drop the ‘guy, there is no gender’”, he indicated.

“I was born in this life as Camila, as a woman, because what if I need to understand femininity or learn to work with my uterus, give life, be a mother?” she added.

This is how Camila Araiza spoke with her family about her sexual orientation

After accepting herself, Camila Araiza spoke about her sexual orientation with her parents, family and friends, who gave her their full support.

“I totally decided to talk to my parents and I had an incredible welcome, with my family too, with my friends too, but it was a lot first to understand myself before talking about it,” he said.

Araiza knew “that there are also people who are going to reject you, who are going to move away, because what they don’t know, what is unknown, is frightening.”

Raúl Araiza expressed his full support for Camila and invited those who, like him, have a child who belongs to the LGBT+ community. “There are parents who are very harsh with this situation, I do think they should reflect if they want to meet their expectations or want their children to be happy,” he said in an interview with the Mexican press on June 30.

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Raúl Araiza’s daughter confesses to having been “superhomophobic” with herself in the past

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