Rebecca de Alba and the marriage that was invented for her without even knowing the illustrious boyfriend

Rebecca de Alba is a Mexican actress, model and television presenter (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Rebecca Alba She is one of the most recognized Mexican celebrities for her altruistic causes, her extensive career as a host and for being considered one of the most beautiful women in the artistic world. In her love history, she has two of the most notorious and public courtships alongside the singers Ricky Martin and Leonardo de Lozanne.

But for several years someone has let a rumor that haunts her. Is she married? The truth is that the Mexican is still single and have fun with him fake news every time someone asks her surprised “what did you get married?!”.

“No, I didn’t get married, and that’s precisely why I think that in the last decade no one has proposed to me, because they think I’m married to a… I can’t say ‘a certain guy…’ because the truth is a very renowned conductor and about 10 years ago I realized that they put ‘husband Michael Bednarsky’ and It made me curious that they invented a husband for me, but I never checked who he was“, De Alba told Yordi Rosado on his radio program.

The “Michael Bednarsky” in question, sentimentally and erroneously linked to the Mexican, is conductor of the Southeast Philharmonic Orchestra in Weymouth, Massachusetts, a university professor of music in the United States, has an MFA in Orchestral Conducting from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, “in short, a musical genius,” according to a text published by the magazine faces —which no longer exists on its website, but of which there is a copy on the MSN site, published only last October.

“They repeat something that is not, of which they are not sure, that they say that I got married and well, like dynamite the note went by all means. It’s funny because sometimes they tell you that you married I don’t know who and you look for that person and he doesn’t exist, but this man does exist, I tell you, he’s a conductor, I don’t know where he’s from, I didn’t pay so much attention and he’s like, very renowned and very sharp. I mean, the theme of music still follows me, what a thing, even if they make it up to me, he is a musician, but I am not married and I do not know him, and he does not know me either, “said De Alba amused.

And while we’ll never question a woman dating a younger man—from Bednarsky’s photos we’re assuming he’s younger than her—Rebecca has never refused a relationship with someone younger. In a conversation that she had with the journalist Gloria Calzada —in which Verónica Toussaint and Romina Sacre were present—, she said that a few years ago she had dated men younger than her, even with one of them she almost got married.

But it was in that same conversation with Calzada, published on September 22, that Rebecca de Alba herself revealed that currently has a relationship “with someone who is going to turn 70 (years old) and they have to say ‘oops, a ruckus’, but I never noticed a man of that maturity, but his age is also worth it. He has an incredible attitude towards life and that’s what makes me melt.”

Hopefully after this clarification -the second in a month, well also in windowing they asked him about the orchestra conductor—the media that have published about Rebecca’s supposed marriage should disappear their texts to stop reproducing false news.

“One of the rules of journalism is to verify the information before issuing it. But hey, it’s also kind of funny that they invent a husband I don’t know,” reflected the driver. Serve as a lesson.


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Rebecca de Alba and the marriage that was invented for her without even knowing the illustrious boyfriend

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