Rebecca Jones sent a message of support to Susana Dosamantes: “I’m still here”

The actress had ovarian cancer from 2017 to 2019

After what Susana Dosamantes confirmed that she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancerreceived a wave of support from his family, friends, fans and figures from the middle of the show. Such was the case with Rebecca Joneswho from experience, He sent him a message of support in the face of the difficult situation he is going through.

The 64-year-old interpreter held a meeting with the media during the red carpet of an event. In front of the cameras windowingexpressed solidarity with the health problem that Paulina Rubio’s mother is going through and commented that the most important thing after knowing the diagnosis is not only to have the support of loved ones, but also to maintain a good attitude, a posture that worked for her during your process.

“I heard her give some statements and I think he is taking it with the best attitude, cancer has absolutely everything to do with it, everything. If you are lucky enough to be located at a suitable time, your attitude is very relevant”, he declared.

Susana Dosamantes with her daughter Paulina Rubio. The actress was born on January 9, 1948 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, she is currently 74 years old. (Photo: Instagram @sdosamantesof)

It should be remembered that the actress of cradle of wolves was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017 and, after undergoing chemotherapy treatment, he managed to beat the disease approximately two years later. During all that time, she learned to cope with her health problem with a good attitude and put everything in her hands to be able to get ahead despite a discouraging prognosis.

I’m still here [después de] an ovarian cancer that takes half of women […] I am a fervent believer in mental power and I think Susana is starting off on the right foot,” she added.

The ex-wife of actor Alejandro Camacho said that he had a bad experience when he found out about his diagnosis because his doctor shared a disappointing prognosis, that is, how long he had left to live. Faced with this situation, she made a recommendation for all those people who are going through a similar situation:

Rumors recently began to surface about his sexual orientation. (Photo: IG: @la_rebeccajones)
Rumors recently began to surface about his sexual orientation. (Photo: IG: @la_rebeccajones)

“When the doctor, due to a lack of sensitivity, told me how long I had left to live without me asking him, I laughed at him and said ‘Son, put your beards to soak because right now you get run over, so don’t tell me’ . I strongly defend the fact that they do not pay attention to it, of course they do to the doctor’s diagnosis, but not to the prognosis, that nothing else belongs to God”, he commented.

Rebecca Jones also shared that from the beginning she related the disease to something very serious, but she avoided thinking about death to stay positive in the face of the situation. The actress has not been the only one to publicly express her support and affection for Susana Dosamantes, they have also done so Edith Marquez, Irma Dorantes and Paulina Rubio.

“Mommy, strong womanThat’s how you show me since I was born. Always warm, full of character and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get aheadmy faith in your speedy recovery is unshakeable, “he wrote the golden girl in an Instagram post alongside a heartwarming photo of her mom.

Rebecca Jones beat ovarian cancer (Instagram la_rebeccajones)
Rebecca Jones beat ovarian cancer (Instagram la_rebeccajones)

what a horrible thing. Oh, I send you a hug with all my love and I would suggest you take a transfer factorto date I continue to take it and I think that has helped me a lot, regardless of the chemo, the treatments, the doctors”, said Irrma Dorante in an interview for First hand.

On the other hand, the actress To love again faced speculation about his sexual orientation. According to her statements, the rumors began after she made the decision to live alone, a situation that has been quite questioned on social networks: “Now it turns out that women who live alone are on the other side… no, not at all, I still like men a lot”, he said between laughs.


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Rebecca Jones sent a message of support to Susana Dosamantes: “I’m still here”

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