Relive the new clash between Jorge Rauch and Isabella Santiago in MasterChef Celebrity

Isabella Santiago and Jorge Raush

On the April 30 broadcast of MasterChef Celebrity, several situations occurred that surprised both participants and viewers. A particular elimination challenge, a contestant saved without playing and the clash between one of the cooks and a jury, among the striking moments left by yesterday’s episode.

It all started with a challenge in pairs that would deliver two black aprons, where the only contestant who was not chosen was the actress Cristina Campuzano, who was automatically sent to the balcony (only during the challenge).

15 minutes after the cooking time had started, the cooks received two boxes containing culinary utensils, the participants had to integrate one of the elements into their preparations. This was decisive for many contestants and their final result.

Precisely the couple integrated by Natalia Ramírez and Isabella Santiago had a mishap, since they chose a machine to grind meat, nothing complex for the pork protein that they were handling, but due to the time it had taken they cooked the meat before grinding it, something that should not happen, according to Jorge Rauch on his way through the station of the actresses.

But 15 minutes after the deadline, both preferred to desist from Chef Rauch’s recommendation and continued with the preparation they had been carrying out, something that was evident when presenting their dish to the juries of the most famous kitchen in Colombia.

Relive the new clash between Jorge Rauch and Isabella Santiago

A plate titled ‘Harmony of flavors’ was presented by the actresses, where the preparations had an aspect of brown and green puree, something that chef Christopher Carpentier highlighted by calling the dish ‘Agony of flavors’.

The renowned Chilean chef pointed out that he did not understand the preparation when seeing the aspect that everything was lumpy, he also indicated that the sauce was sweet and on his face he showed the lack of taste for the dish, while Isabella mentioned “Chris’s faces are normal”.

For his part, Rauch was harsher in judging them:

“Whether you want to listen to me or not is your problem, as long as what you do is good for you”. The other verdict of Nicolás de Zubiría was not positive either, indicating that it seemed ‘nursing home food’.

However, the moment of tension did not stop there: after analyzing the other dishes, the final verdict indicated that both should receive the black apron, something with which they joked a bit, but then the tension was stronger again.

Isabella was asked if she liked the dish she prepared, to which she replied: “I loved it”. This was a trigger for Jorge Rauch, who said:

“If you liked that dish, it’s in the pot. He is serious, he has no criteria. In other words, it is important that they learn to cook and have criteria, the dish was very bad”.

And while chef Rauch indicated that the Venezuelan actress should reevaluate the criteria, Isabella tried to answer him, but he clarified: “I am teaching you”.

The issue did not stop there because Isabella Santiago continued to justify the dish, so chef Nicolás had to intervene, telling the actress to leave things of that size. It is evident that the Venezuelan has had several clashes with some of her teammates, but lately the scenes with Jorge Rauch have been tense.

Although they only gave two black aprons, they also positively highlighted the preparation made by Manuela González and Aida Morales.


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Relive the new clash between Jorge Rauch and Isabella Santiago in MasterChef Celebrity

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