Review of Downton Abbey: A New Era – The laughter and the tears of the English aristocracy in the most metalinguistic film

The castle gates open again for moviegoers. Review of Downton Abbey: A New Era, theatrical release on April 29, 2022.

series lovers downton abbey they rubbed their hands in 2019 with the return of the cast on the big screen and now is the time to continue developing your stories in Downton Abbey: A New Agea film that comes to revolutionize the panorama of the family that will have to face great changes within it.

All the ingredients are arranged in the usual way: we will have scares, quarrels, cataclysmic events for the unyielding Mr. Carson and moments, in general, to laugh and cry. Come on, the film has everything it needs to become, once again, one of the great cinematographic events of the season.


Downton Abbey: A New Age Trailer

Roughly Downton Abbey: A New Agedoes just what the title promises, continuing to chronicle the life of the Crawley family and showing the challenges they face, including welcoming new members and saying goodbye to others who, for various reasons, they will say goodbye.

If the previous film used a royal visit to feed the script of Julian Fellowes on this occasion there are two plot lines that run in parallel.

On one side, Grandma Violet’s secrets come to light when she unexpectedly inherits a villa on the French coast. and on the other, Mary will convince the family to the emblematic castle hosts the shooting of a silent film with the idea of ​​paying for the repairs that the roofs need with the money raised.

The best current European series that have nothing to envy to the great American blockbusters


Of course, tradition and modernity will collide like never before in a film set in the late 1920s, a time when, among other things, sound films began to emerge, displacing productions in which the actors hardly bothered about their diction and practically dedicated themselves to reacting to the camera.

The film dedicates a lot of time to the filming of the film showing some of the ins and outs of the industry and, what is more fun, letting the character of Maggie Smith make use of her irony to put the world of cinema on a donkey. and that, from time to time, some clueless character sneaks into the camera.

Downton Abbey: A New Age

As with its predecessor, Downton Abbey: A New Age it is a feast for the senses in everything related to artistic direction, costume design (a true dream) and photography. There is also an important effort to be precise with certain aspects of the setting, such as when microphones or cameras of the time are shown.

In other words: those who love the fictional universe of the series and get fully involved in its cinematographic continuation are going to enjoy the beauty of this very careful production that it offers us good quality escape movie.

The weakness of the proposal starts from the same point as its strength. Something more of “chicha” is missing in the argument. After all, there is no great evolution in the characters from the beginning to the end of the film and it seems that few things happen (despite everything we have said) to justify the length of the footage.

Downton Abbey: A New Age

Thus, Downton Abbey: A New Age It remains as a hinge episode that was necessary and that presents us with events that we knew would have to happen at some point, sooner or later, but that suffers from having little substance until it comes face to face with the outcome, of great emotional impact.

This in no way overshadows the movie viewing experience that is a tremendously friendly proposal and written with a sensitivity of exquisite destined to recreate that space of light and happiness to return to like the warmth of a cup of tea on a rainy day.

She’s sweet and cozy and knows how to balance joys and misfortunes very well so as not to leave a bitter aftertaste. It is also true that it leaves you wanting more: the absence of Henry Talbot is notable and the feeling that the entry into the 30s will bring moments of great upheaval in the family is pressing, so we will be attentive to what is to come.

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Review of Downton Abbey: A New Era – The laughter and the tears of the English aristocracy in the most metalinguistic film

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