Ricky Martin accused of: “Low pay and substance abuse”, by his former manager Rebecca Drucker

Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican singer.

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Just when the singer Ricky Martin attacks the veto of the kiss between two women in the film Disney“Lightyear”, the singer and human rights activist he is accused of poor pay and of having had a somewhat disorderly life in the period that Rebecca Drucker was his manager. According to the same, after having resigned he went back to work with the Puerto Rican and found himself with tax problems and: “substance abuse…“, according to the former representative.

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The singer Ricky Martin has been sued by whoever his manager for several years; specifically between 2014 and 2018 and again from May 2020 to April 2022. The woman, who goes by the name of Rebecca Druckermaintains that he has not been paid the money that was owed to him according to the representation agreement reached at the time, and in the legal documents that he has presented this Wednesday before the Los Angeles Superior Court adds that the famous artist “Maliciously refused to pay him millions of dollars” in commissions.

Rebecca Drucker claims she ‘saved the race’ of the interpreter ofLivin’ the crazy life‘ Y which also protected him from “the consequences of his reckless indiscretions”. According to his version of events, to which the Entertainment tonight portal has had access, he did it because he considered a good friend to Ricky Martin and not because it was part of her responsibilities as an employee.

The parenthesis that occurred in his employment relationship with Ricky Martin was allegedly due to “a particularly ugly incident” that took place in 2018 while they were in Dubaiand that involved the artist and his representative José Vega. Rebecca, Ricky’s former manager, states that at that time she decided to resign from her position, but months later the singer himself would have asked her to return and she decided to give him another chance. When she returned to the position, she found that her client’s personal life was “a mess” and she does not hesitate to list all the fronts that she found open.

“Although Martin’s career flourished since rehired Rebecca as her manager in May 2020, she was forced to deal with a litany of personal issues from Ricky Martinsuch as problems with the nanny he hired to take care of his children, Martin’s non-payment of taxes and his substance abuse, among other issues, ”says his lawyers in the lawsuit.

In July 2021, he tried to quit the job again, but changed his mind in exchange for a pay raise. The former manager alleges that she was promised a 10 percent commission on gross receipts under the agency agreement, instead of the 5 percent that had been agreed upon in May 2020. Rebecca now claims that eRicky Martin’s team has refused to pay him and that she probably won’t do it in the future either, despite the fact that she would be entitled to an amount that she has estimated at three million dollars, although she remembers that “unpaid commissions accumulate continuously.” Rebecca has also mysteriously added through her legal representatives that she “has only scratched” the surface and that she is looking forward to going to trial.

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Ricky Martin accused of: “Low pay and substance abuse”, by his former manager Rebecca Drucker

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