Rusherking’s discomfort when asked what makes him fall in love with China Suárez

The young ragpicker was surprised that they asked him again what makes him fall in love with the former Casi Ángeles and answered with another question

In the past week Rusherking and Eugenia The China Suarez they enjoyed their first vacation together, on the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico. More than a month after whitewashing their courtship, the couple took advantage of the break in their respective work schedules to travel and replenish their energy before resuming their musical releases. Back in Argentina, each one is focused on their projects, and they continue to advance steadily in their relationship.. Although the media repercussions continue and the rumors of her next steps as a couple resurface, the ragpicker was surprised when he was asked during a note by the actress and reacted with an evasive answer.

In dialogue with show partners (El Trece), the young artist expressed his joy at the premiere of the new version of the classic “Después de Ti”, where Alejandro Lerner invited him to participate in the song and the video clip. After expressing his admiration for the 65-year-old singer-songwriter, he assured that as soon as he returned to Buenos Aires, he concentrated his energies on the tasks related to his career. “How was it in Mexico?”the chronicler Celina Hernández wanted to know, and the musician from the province of Santiago del Estero answered briefly.

“Very well. I went on vacation, resting, calm and now we go back to work, so I’m very happy”, commented. The next question was more direct, and leaving aside the hints at her romantic getaway with the ex Almost angels, they consulted him how is “his love with China”. Even more briefly, she replied: “Very well, we are fine”. Hernández went a step further and asked: “What makes you fall in love with China?”

China Suarez and Rusherking in one of their selfies during their trip to Mexico

“I dont know. What else do you want to know? She is already”answered Thomas Nicholas Tobar, less and less predisposed to talk about the subject. And he claimed: “How do you like it! We’re fine, thank you very much for asking.”. It should be remembered that in early May the artist had put an end to the rumors when he was invited to P: can we talk (Telefe), and there he told in great detail how the romance was born. “We spent the whole night exchanging glances at a party, then we talked and I went to Madrid; I saw her there, then I returned to Argentina and we met here too, “she explained.

“We had an excellent time. What I tell my parents is not to believe any bullshit they see on TV. I tell you that for me Eugenia is a great person, that she takes great care of me and I like how she is. She really makes me fall in love”, added about the talk he had with his parents while his name and that of the actress resonated in the media. The last week they traveled to Cancunand since then, they have not stopped sharing the good times they are having on the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun.

This Saturday, without going any further, the former Teen Angels She had shared a video in which she was seen with a pure smile while sailing on a catamaran. The boy, on the other hand, uploaded to his Instagram a photo of that very moment with a serious face and a life preserver on his torso. “The vest because I can’t swim”, wrote the ex of Mary Becerra. But China calmed him down with a comment: “Calm. I rescue you”. There were also new photos and videos together while they went on excursions and romantic dinners.


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Rusherking’s discomfort when asked what makes him fall in love with China Suárez

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