Rusherking’s father talked about the relationship between his son and China Suárez

Rusherking and China Suarez

rushing for your audience, “China Suarez’s boyfriend” for others and thomi For those closest to him, the young ragpicker became known this year for his music and his relationship with his ex Almost angels and even filled a Luna Park. his dad, Miguel Tobar He spoke with a media outlet from Santiago where the young man is from and referred to his daughter-in-law and his son’s incipient career.

In his personal and intimate life, we do not interfere. If we guide him and tell him the good, the bad. But the decision is made by him.”he said in Buen Día Santiago and about the actress, he added: “From what I know about her and what I see is that she is a good person. But as I tell you, we do not get involved in his intimate life at all. They make a nice couple.”

Then he referred to the musical career of the 22-year-old who since he was a child “Your dream to be where you are today”. Like many colleagues, he started in the squares: “He joined in the competitions of freestyle and there we worried a little but over time we saw what he really wanted. You have to let your children be, let them fly. They now get everything with a click, for us it was not so easy. He currently has an impressive group of people guiding him and keeping him on the right track.”

Without a doubt, a milestone in his career was playing with Alejandro Lerner, and a source of pride for his parents: “It was crazy. He is a great musician, seeing him with someone like that is impressive. It has moved me a lot. I could not believe it”.

China Suarez and Rusherking
China Suarez and Rusherking

The relationship between the musician and the actress is becoming stronger and this weekend, after a mini-vacation, Rusherking was at the house of Benjamín Vicuña’s ex and cooked for her and her children. “Homemade pizzas”, the actress wrote in her stories with a video of a tomato sauce in full cooking and in the next one she revealed that it was not her who was putting to work, but her brand new partnerafter he shared a photo of him, from the back, dressed in green jogging pants and a matching hooded sweatshirt, very focused on his chores, in the imposing kitchen of the new house of Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio’s mother.

Then, he shared a video of him making a kind of return like a jury of master chefafter having tasted the pizza that the young ragpicker prepared for him. “I haven’t touched the cheese on the edge yet, do you say it’s there?”, she claimed since they had made pizza with the stuffed edge, a very fashionable preparation these days. So he explains: “Well, do you know what the problem is? What if it was Roquefort cheese, do you know how it looks better?

Returning from his days off in Mexico with Eugenia, Thomas spoke with Show Partners. “Very well. I went on vacation, resting, calm and now we go back to work, so I’m very happy, ”he commented. The next question was more direct, and leaving aside the hints at her romantic getaway with the ex Almost angels, They asked him how “his love with China” is. Even shorter, he replied: “Very well, we are well”.

“What makes you fall in love with China?” asked the chronicler and the musician was uncomfortable: “I dont know. What else do you want to know? That’s it, how do you like it? We’re fine, thank you very much for asking.”.

Invited to PH, We Can Talk, he had told about what he talked to his parents about his courtship. “We had an excellent time. What I tell my parents is not to believe any bullshit they see on TV. I tell you that for me Eugenia is a great person, that she takes great care of me and I like how she is. She makes me really fall in love with the truth”.


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Rusherking’s father talked about the relationship between his son and China Suárez

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