Salma Hayek: the great increase in size of her cherries. Surgery?

Having a solid background in the film industry since 1988, the talented actress Salma Hayek He has conquered millions of screens around the world and touched everyone’s heart with his impeccable performances. She has also been able to position herself as a Latin reference before the world, representing Mexican women with great pride.

Her unparalleled beauty has been acclaimed throughout her artistic career, recognized as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, however she is also constantly subjected to rigorous analysis in social mediaas a certain sector of the public speculates that to a certain extent, their attributes could be the work of plastic surgery.

The rumors lasted for so long that the same Salma Hayek he saw the need to clarify the situation regarding the physical changes he has undergone during the last decade. The Mexican explained that to a great extent everything It is due to its privileged genetics and the natural processes that the body undergoes of a woman.

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Salma Hayek: the great increase in size of her cherries. Surgery? Source: AP

The beautiful muse of the seventh art, Salma Hayek, spoke about a topic that until now is still considered taboo: menopause and the effects it had on her physical appearance. She mentioned on the ‘Red Table Talk’ program, where she was chatting with Jada Pinkett Smithwho have spread rumors around her quite obvious breast augmentation, which could well seem to be the result of a surgical intervention.

And I don’t blame them! It is true that before my breasts were smaller, just like the rest of my body. But they have continued to grow. Many, many sizes!

Later she confessed that this situation has brought her some discomforts in the body that few talk about, such as the back pain that makes her suffer constantly. The 55-year-old actress also stated that this situation was unexpected even for herbecause he did not know all the effects that menopause could cause.

She explained that for some women, this normal stage of female biology, can make your bust drastically change size due to the strong hormonal process that entails the change of stage in life. She also said that pregnancy or weight gain could change the volume of female attributes for life, which was her case, making her gain sizes in certain parts of her body.

Also on different previous occasions, the beautiful Salma Hayek She has shown that she is not a fan of plastic surgeries and very invasive aesthetic processes, stating that she would not undergo interventions such as Botox and other similar treatments, leaning towards accepting the passage of time with pleasure.

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Salma Hayek: the great increase in size of her cherries. Surgery?

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