Salma Hayek’s daughter moves, a homeless Mexican made her rethink her life of luxury

Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina Pinault They were together on their first magazine cover and talked about their private lives for Vogue. One of the statements that most touched the hearts of the readers was the friendship that the young woman has with homeless people and that, according to her, she built them from having contact with a Mexican woman in a street situation that made him rethink his life of luxury.

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‘I think that in my case, what really matters to me is homeless people, because I have friends who don’t have a house,’ says Valentina.

And it is that although little is said about it, Salma Hayek’s little daughter does volunteer work that has given her life lessons.

“I go to a soup kitchen; there I met a woman from LA who was Mexican and that moved something in me. I learned that each person who does not have a home has a different story,” shared the daughter of the Mexican actress.

In addition to this little-known point, actress Salma Hayek and her daughter talked about other aspects of their private life.

The Mexican actress speaks to her daughter in Spanish to strengthen their union:

As she tells Vogue, Salma Hayek uses Spanish when she needs to say something loving to her daughter, so people close to her don’t understand and they can find a space alone.

“I speak to him in Spanish if I don’t want those around us to understand us. In addition, I think it reinforces unity, the family bond, it strengthens the bond we have.”

Salma Hayek tells how was her process to become a mother:

‘My case was very particular because I became a mother very late. I did it because I found the partner of my life, who had a stable career, but I already wanted this daughter so much that nothing else mattered to me. Neither my career nor anything, I think that helped me a lot,’ she tells the pages of Vogue Mexico and Latin America.

The “fights” over clothes

“In this house we fight over clothes because he takes everything from my closet. Then I don’t find anything,” says the protagonist of Frida.

Valentine’s style

“The truth is that when it comes to clothes, I love hers, but in general I always wear what I like, I hardly pay attention to the brand. In general, I also like to combine and wear vintage pieces,” admits the daughter by Salma Hayek.

Salma thought about leaving her career for her daughter

“It was about 3 years after having Valentina that I began to act little by little and began to travel, but when she was 7 years old she sought to have her own rhythm and her own space,” said Salma Hayek, who was initially willing to quit acting for her daughter.

straight to hollywood

Valentina plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

“I want different things, but I almost always move between 4, I would like to be an actress and then a director because that is what makes sense in my head. Also, I think it must be more complicated to be a director if you do not have experience on the other side of the screen, that could help direct”

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Salma Hayek’s daughter moves, a homeless Mexican made her rethink her life of luxury

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