Salvador Zerboni assured that Daniella Navarro hinted at him and is burning on social networks


Salvador Zerboni decides to talk about his relationship with Daniella Navarro

Salvador Zerboni He is recognized in the world of entertainment for his impeccable career as an actor, now the Mexican achieves a great projection in his professional career by being second runner-up in The House of the Famous 2 and decided to tell how his stay and relationship with Daniella Navarro.

Salvador Zerboni was listed as the true villain of The House of the Famous but his personality revealed that he is a protective person and his main goal was to reach the grand final. Zerboni decided to tell the truth about him without mincing words in relation to his meeting with Daniella Navarro and the Venezuelan responds to him on social networks.

Salvador Zerboni assured that Daniella Navarro was insinuating to him

On Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente” program, Zerboni assured that Daniella Navarro was insinuating to him. “Hours before they began their relationship, she seemed to still be insinuating to you”, all this in relation to the approach that both had when they shared a bed in the presidential suite.

Salvador Zerboni talks about Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano | The Hot TableSalvador Zerboni confessed in La Mesa Caliente that Daniella Navarro made risqué proposals to him in La Casa de los Famosos 2 and he was left with the desire. #LaMesaCaliente #Entretenimiento #DaniellaNavarro Download our App: SUBSCRIBE: Follow us on our social networks: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: lamesacaliente TikTok: Official Page: The…2022-08-17T21:09:10Z

“Everything is recorded, gentlemen, in this program. Well, indeed, I am not going to deny you something that is recorded. Dani, very cute, came on to me a couple of times. I always saw her as a friend… That day of the paella, that day an unseemly proposal came. I would like that so that it does not remain in the mouth and assumptions, I would love for you to do a research and look for the unseemly proposal there. In the end, he already kept his consolation prize, “said Salvador Zerboni about the relationship between Navarro and Casano.

Daniela Navarro responds and will explode social networks

It seems that these statements were not to the liking of the Venezuelan and she decided to use her social networks to respond to the statements of the Mexican who assured that Navarro was insinuating himself into the competition. “The only thing I regret is having fought to defend the indefensible. Worse still, to defend the one who offends me today. I hope one day he will say it to my face. Don’t the shows have more content? The one I hurt the most today makes me shine (referring to his current relationship with Nacho). Between heaven and Google there is nothing hidden, search (…) I wanted to keep the beautiful, but I keep hearing falsehood”.

Though The House of the Famous 2 Everything has already finished indicates that emotions are still on the surface and the inhabitants tell their truth in relation to everything they lived and did inside the house. In this case, it was Salvador Zerboni who decided to expose Daniella Navarro and the relationship that arose between them when they both decided to share the presidential room.

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Salvador Zerboni assured that Daniella Navarro hinted at him and is burning on social networks

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