Sean Connery and the secret affair with a Bond girl

Recently Lana Wood, Natalie Wood’s sister, has published her memoirs which have responded to rumors of an alleged rape by Kirk Douglas of the actress who died in 1981. In Little Sister: My Investigation Into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, the Californian confirmed the story by highlighting the umpteenth example of why audiences shouldn’t romanticize classic Hollywood.

And just days after clarifying this sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 1955, the name of Natalie Wood’s sister has returned to the fore. And it is that this actress, who debuted in the western Desert centaurs by John Ford, has revealed his case secret with Sean Connery during her stint as a Bond girl.

Sean Connery and Lana Wood at the ‘Diamonds Forever’ betting table, 1971. (Photo by United Artist / Getty Images)

Sean Connery died on October 31 at the age of 90 due to an acute myocardial infarction, but his name has become a trend again after Lana Wood has shared Fox News that had a fiery romance with him when he played the role of Plenty O’Toole on the set of the film Diamonds for eternity, the last of the actor as 007.

Natalie Wood’s younger sister landed this coveted role in 1971, the year to which one must precisely go back to discover her romance with the Scottish star, who was in the process of separating from his first wife, Diane Cilento. The 75-year-old actress has explained thatknew Sean. I had known him years ago. My boyfriend at the time was Jerome Hellman, who was friends with Sean. They invited us to dinner at their house and I remember it funny “.

Likewise, Lana Wood points out that the Hollywood star “He was very magnetic, he was very charismatic and we had a great evening. I felt very comfortable with him. I felt completely at ease. So when I saw Sean walking through the lobby the first day on set, I loved it. I was a nervous wreck so I felt like at least I had a friend.

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Bond girl has stressed that her romance with Sean Connery was passionate, but brief since she herself ended their encounters because she had a relationship with the composer Leslie Bricusse.

“Leslie had come back to London. And I felt like I had to tell Sean that this relationship was not going to continue because I was so in love with Leslie Bricusse. Sean seemed absolutely wonderful to me, but I couldn’t keep seeing him.” Add.

The veteran actress justifies that she felt the urgent need to be clear and tell him that the romance must come to an end. “And when I told him, he said: ‘I understand perfectly.’ And that was it. We were in the hallway leading to the casino getting ready for the shoot. And I walked away. I finished the shot and went back to combing my hair and putting on makeup “.

During the filming of Connery’s sixth film as Agent 007, he would have been in his early 40s, and she was around 25. And while Lana had already married three times (her first wedding took place at 16) His youthful romanticism made him feel the need to be clear with the actor, although later he realized that perhaps it was not so bad.

Now he assures that regrets giving him so many explanations since his affair He had no idea of ​​staying in the future: “I just needed her to know. And many years later, all of a sudden, it hit me. He probably thought, ‘What a dumb girl! Of course, we weren’t going to have a relationship.’ I just thought it was funny that I had to say something to her. But I had to be honest with him. “.

The truth is that in those years Lana Wood had been in the industry since she was a child, but in the shadow of her sister Natalie, appearing in her films with minor roles. It was only in the 60s that he began to stand out on his own, especially for the television series Peyton Place and for appearing in Playboy magazine in 1971 during the promotion of Diamonds for eternity. However, like other Bond girls in the series, Lana had few sequences in the film, leaving her mark with a scene wearing only transparent underwear.

Anyway, according to the British publication Express, it was Sean Connery who approached her. “I was never so daring. We went out to dinner, then we met up with some of his friends, then we went for a walk, and you know.”, the actress acknowledged in the other interview interview while pointing out that “Actually, we started having an affair before filming started, but we kept it a secret”.

In this context, the interpreter stressed the fact that it was a case clandestine, so both had to hide their feelings from the gallery: “I remember being very embarrassed when we had to do the love scenes, because we tried to make sure people don’t know about it. You want to be a good actress, but don’t look too convincing.”

He also pointed out that his filming partner “He was the combination of a tough and tough guy and a charming, a womanizer”, thus confirming the image of that Sean Connery who would also have conquered Brigitte Bardot, Ursulla Andress or Raquel Welch.

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Sean Connery and the secret affair with a Bond girl