Sebastián Caicedo’s girlfriend explodes in networks, they say it is indirect to Carmen Villalobos

Sebastián Caicedo’s girlfriend explodes in networks, they say it is indirect to Carmen Villalobos. A little over a month ago, Carmen Villalobos confirmed her separation from the actor, after 13 years of romance; However, it seems that he has already found refuge in other arms.

In past days, Sebastian Caicedo generated controversy because he was captured next to the attractive model Juliet Roman, during a Marc Anthony concert at the Medellin Flower Fair, in Colombia. In some photographs you can see how he gives the young woman an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

In addition, they were seen in a bar, so it was immediately rumored that they had a love relationship. Julieta Román, who is a Colombian model and designer, broke the silence and exploded on social networks, so netizens immediately believed that she was a hint for Carmen Villalobos.

On Instagram, the entrepreneurial model defended herself after the attacks and criticism she has received in recent days for her alleged romance with the protagonist of “The Chem” and it is that they attribute to him that he destroyed the marriage of Carmen and Caicedo.

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In the message She assures that she is the Daughter of the King: “Are you sure in judging how much I am worth? When that Monkey patched himself up and sat down to make me and polish me with his great love and make me in his image and likeness, knowing in advance that this man is perfect and you come to give me value.”

Then he continues: “It shows that you have no idea who I am and what I have lived, I always see myself with the value that my Father gave me and it is incalculable value, so do not waste your time trying to give judgments of dissatisfied and empty people. ”.

Julieth Román continues with her forceful message and makes it clear to her critics that she has a lot of self esteem: “Remember my name is eternal and your judgments towards me are the mirror of what you see in yourself. I AM THE KING’S DAUGHTER, I don’t need more”.

In the publication she appears with a crossed black mini top and shorts of the same color, while wearing a green jacket and her hair loose; she also added to her outfits black glasses and poses sensually.

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The message immediately caused a stir, although the model never specified who it was addressed to, some netizens thought it was a hint to carmen villaloboswhile others defended the model and said that it is rather directed at the young woman’s critics who accuse her of allegedly being the cause of a divorce.

The truth is that Carmen Villalobos continues to shine as the host of MasterChef VIP and has made it clear that it will not get involved in this type of controversy. For his part, Sebastián Caicedo was questioned about his new romance during an interview for the magazine People in spanish where he said: “I can only tell you that God’s timing is perfect. All in due time”. So his answer raised more suspicion than ever.

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Sebastián Caicedo’s girlfriend explodes in networks, they say it is indirect to Carmen Villalobos

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